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Easier and Faster Implementation with Our Updated SDKs

Developers are behind the scenes of every major application and business, and getting started with a new integration from the ground up can be a challenge without a reliable Software Development Kit (SDK). Like all technology, SDKs need to be updated as times go on and new products and services are released to customers. Today, we’re excited to announce the rollout of SDK updates to Mailgun by Pathwire.

Chris Farmer
3 min read
  • Customer Success

Mailgun + Dovetail: A Recipe For Rapid Growth

Dovetail is not your typical software agency. They don’t specialize in marketing strategy, Salesforce integrations, or creative design-- they specialize in building ambitious fast-growing companies. Dovetail seeks out smaller startups and scaleups who, usually due to a recent round of funding, are ready to take their product to the next level. The Dovetail team of engineers, designers and growth hackers then assist the client in building out a product and engineering practice, allowing the client to focus on sales, marketing and growing their business.

Mailgun Team
5 min read

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