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Welcoming Email on Acid to the Pathwire Family

At Pathwire, we know email is complicated, and we’re laser-focused on finding ways to make it less so. Today, we take the next step in that journey by acquiring Email on Acid.

William Conway
4 min read
  • Customer Success

Mailgun + Dovetail: A Recipe For Rapid Growth

Dovetail is not your typical software agency. They don’t specialize in marketing strategy, Salesforce integrations, or creative design-- they specialize in building ambitious fast-growing companies. Dovetail seeks out smaller startups and scaleups who, usually due to a recent round of funding, are ready to take their product to the next level. The Dovetail team of engineers, designers and growth hackers then assist the client in building out a product and engineering practice, allowing the client to focus on sales, marketing and growing their business.

Mailgun Team
5 min read

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