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How to Improve Holiday Supply Chain Communication with Email

For the 2021 holiday season and beyond, supply chain problems are causing headaches for many. Find out how email provides simple solutions.

Kasey Steinbrinck
9 min read
  • For devs

What is a RESTful API, how it works, advantages, and examples

RESTful APIs are APIs that adhere to the six constraints of the REST architecture. In this post, we'll learn how they work, their uses, and their advantages.

Natalie Hays
13 min read
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Email’s Not Dead Season 3 Is Finally Here

Season 3 of our podcast Email's Not Dead is here! Our hosts Jonathan Torres and Eric Trinidad are ready to discuss the latest developments from the email world.

Thomas Knierien
3 min read
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Happy Festivus: Email Deliverability Guide For The Holiday Season

How do you ensure great email deliverability for the holiday season? Read these tips from our Vice President of Deliverability, Kate Nowrouzi, and discover how you can stay on the holiday email nice list.

Kate Nowrouzi
6 min read
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Sinch to Acquire Mailgun, Creating a Best-Of-Breed Cloud Communications Platform

Pathwire, along with its portfolio of brands including Mailgun, has entered an agreement to be acquired by Sinch, a global leader in cloud communications. Learn more.

William Conway
4 min read
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Spam Filters & Deliverability: Staying on the Good Side of Mailbox Providers

Spam is everywhere. Literally. You’ve probably noticed this yourself, just by looking through your inbox, but what actually gets through to you is a minimal fraction of what gets sent every day. Mailbox providers see a colossal amount of spam – or worse, fraudulent or phishing – emails coming their way. It’s a bigger amount than you might be able to imagine, and that’s why mailbox providers need spam filters that do a really good job at identifying these messages before they reach your inbox.

Alexandre Zibrick
9 min read
  • Customer Success

Mailgun + Dovetail: A Recipe For Rapid Growth

Dovetail is not your typical software agency. They don’t specialize in marketing strategy, Salesforce integrations, or creative design-- they specialize in building ambitious fast-growing companies. Dovetail seeks out smaller startups and scaleups who, usually due to a recent round of funding, are ready to take their product to the next level. The Dovetail team of engineers, designers and growth hackers then assist the client in building out a product and engineering practice, allowing the client to focus on sales, marketing and growing their business.

Mailgun Team
5 min read

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