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Build Laravel 5.7 Email Authentication With Mailgun And Digital Ocean

The newly released Laravel version 5.7 adds a new capability to verify user’s emails. If you’ve ever run php artisan make:auth within a Laravel app you’ll know the feeling of pleasure and excitement when you see all of your register and login pages,

Mailgun Team
5 min read
  • Security

Internet Security – Defending Against Spam

Did you know that an overwhelming majority of the email going around the interwebs each day is spam? You may ask yourself, “Why do people spam?” The short answer is, it’s lucrative.

Nick Schafer
9 min read
  • For devs

How To Quickly Bake Mailgun With PHP

When I started coding, I remember debating whether I would want to learn ASP.NET vs PHP. I read thousands of bulletin boards on threads about each language to help me make my decision.

Orlando Kalossakas
4 min read
  • For devs

Designing HTML Email Templates For Transactional Emails

We’ve added a new template feature to our UI, you can read more about it in this post.

Mailgun Team
4 min read

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