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How Do Users on G2 Rate Mailgun?

Nick Lafferty
5 min read

When you’re thinking about trying out a new product or service, the first thing anybody does is look at reviews. While you can’t exactly trust some online reviews, there are other review specific websites that you can trust to give you an honest opinion on a product or service. In the email industry, few websites rank higher in credibility than G2. When it comes to finding credible Mailgun reviews from real users, G2 is a great resource.

G2 is an excellent resource for customers that want honest opinions on an email company's email delivery, support, deliverability, and email APIs/SMTPs. G2 also goes the extra step to have reviewers verify that they are actually people and use the platform they're reviewing, so you're not left wondering if they are some random copywriters paid to write the review.

All of this to say that we're proud to announce that Mailgun is the leader in customer satisfaction in the Transactional Email Grid Report!

That’s awesome!

We couldn’t be more excited about leading the charge for customer satisfaction in this space. If you’re wondering what a Grid Report report is, it’s G2 Crowd’s way of visualizing multiple competitors within a single space based on several categories like usability and implementation. Grid Reports essentially show you the competitive landscape based on user reviews, and allow you, the user, to make a more educated choice when it comes to choosing your next provider

Not only are we leading in customer satisfaction, but we’re also #1 in the implementation, relationship, results, and usability indexes! All of these indexes wrapped up with our customer rating gives us the overall #2 spot on the Transactional Email Grid Report. While we could continue to go on and on about how great we are, we think it’s best to let some reviews speak for themselves:

Looking ahead

We’re looking forward to further developing our platform as well as our service offerings to give customers the best email platform in the world. If you’d like to leave a Mailgun review on G2 Crowd, you can do so on Mailgun’s G2 Crowd profile. Should you have a suggestion for our product team, feel free to leave us a suggestion on our UserVoice, and we’ll take a look!

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Last updated on November 07, 2019

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