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Product Update: Message Timeline And Improvements To Event Logs

Mailgun Team
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This was initially posted on January 13, 2015.

One of the features we get complimented on a lot is our logs. Using our logs as a developer, you are able to understand what is happening to the messages you send and easily troubleshoot technical issues.

We’ve just shipped a few improvements to make them even more useful.

Individual message history view

We’ve made it easier to view the events timeline for a particular message. By viewing the message history, we simply filter by the message ID. This enables you to see the full history of a message at a glance; the initial API request, delivery, opens, clicks, bounces etc.

Event type filtering

To help you find the event logs you’re looking for even faster, we’ve introduced more faceting options. If you know it’s a temporary fail you’re looking for, you can filter out those events. Looking for opens and clicks? You can do that too.

We still have our log levels as well, which groups the different event types together based on their level type.

Full-text search

We’ve always had a powerful full-text search, built on top of ElasticSearch. As a reminder, the fields you can search across include:

  • From address

  • To address

  • Recipient address

  • Event type

  • List name

  • Tag name

  • Attachment name

  • Message ID

  • Subject

Examples of some search queries you can run:

  • foo bar matches field values that contain both term “foo” and term “bar”.

  • foo AND bar same as above.

  • foo OR bar matches field values that contain either term “foo” or term “bar”.

  • “foo bar” (with quotes) matches field values that literally contain “foo bar”.

  • @example.com matches all from, to and recipients @example.com

Happy Sending!


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Last updated on August 28, 2020

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