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Open sourcing our email signature parsing library

Back in 2011, we had several customers ask us for a high level message parsing API that they could use to strip signatures and quotes...

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TLS connection control

This blog post was originally published in 2015. Over a year ago Mailgun flipped on opportunistic TLS. This means whenever we...

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Building an SMS-to-email gateway

Our friends over at Plivo posted recently about a really cool SMS-to-Email Gateway that...

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Email address validation with external services

Shruti Sridharan is a full stack Salesforce Developer with close to 3 years of experience working on almost every facet of the platform...

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Create a web app from scratch in under 5 minutes with Meteor & Mailgun

This post was written by Vianney Lecroart, a Meteor earlyvangelist and captain of the Meteor Group in Paris/France. Vianney wrote his...

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Mailgun Hack Day: Making our API documentation smarter

Each month our team has the opportunity to hack on whatever it is we want to hack on. A fun way to learn something new, collaborate...

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Agape charity finds easy way to forward email for volunteers worldwide

I volunteer part time at the Agape Community Care Association (, an NGO that helps orphans and other...

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