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Password Meters Are Not For Humans

Mailgun takes the security of our users’ accounts very seriously, and when it comes to a compromise of an account - no one is having any fun. With so many things that can contribute to an account compromise, we took a step back to look at the various attack vectors used by bad actors trying to gain access to accounts.

Patrick Tilley
8 min read
  • Security

Session Awareness & Account Management - How Active are You?

Here at Mailgun, we take cybersecurity extremely seriously. When it comes to our customers’ emails, a compromised account can mean compromises for their end-users as well.

Patrick Tilley
4 min read
  • Quick tips

Quick Tips to Getting Started with Mailgun

We’ve all been where you’re sitting right now. You’ve just finished signing up for Mailgun, the activation email is on its way to your inbox, and you’re poring over our documentation to get a better understanding of how to build the perfect scripts for sending.

Jaik Yanez
6 min read
  • Security

Lock It Down! Welcome, 2 Factor Authentication

Hour 0: Well, I never thought this would happen, but my password was leaked. My account has been compromised, and my services have been interrupted. This is bad.

Marco Salazar
4 min read

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