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How to Improve Holiday Supply Chain Communication with Email

For the 2021 holiday season and beyond, supply chain problems are causing headaches for many. Find out how email provides simple solutions.

Kasey Steinbrinck
9 min read
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The Benefits of Email Automation

When we think of automation, we sometimes think about mechanical processes (like cars) or futuristic tech processes (like evil robots). This means that the concept of automation can sound either too mundane or too far-fetched to matter. However, there are many areas where automation can be both helpful and attainable, and one big one is email automation. But what is email automation, and how can it benefit you? Let’s dive in and find out.

Mary Dolan
8 min read
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No-Reply Emails: The Brick Wall Of Email Communication

Automated emails – what’s not to love? Email marketing campaigns sent out for customer birthdays, transactional email receipts, and really just about any email campaign you could think of could be automated to streamline any business.

Ashley Rodriguez
4 min read
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Mailgun Launches Automated IP Warm Up Service

Today, we’re happy to share that there’s a new, automated way to prepare your dedicated IPs to send email through Mailgun. If you’ve ever had to warm up an IP manually, you know how much it sucks: prep then send specific volumes of email every hour and increase the volume thereafter. You’re an F-Zero pilot, constantly challenging your reflexes – and sweating bullets in the process – because you can hit the brake too late and go overboard. It’s a pain, and it’s also really easy to screw up.

Anton Efimenko
4 min read
  • Email DIY

Reach Your Users Through Email And Push Notifications On The Same Platform

The great thing about APIs is that they come together as building blocks for all sorts of applications. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to add new features, just integrate an API and save yourself some time. At Mailgun, we continuously improve our APIs so devs can add email to the list of things their app can do.

Erik Nilsen
2 min read
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Why Automated Transactional Emails Are Critical To Your Growth

Written and contributed by Howard Lo, Founder of, an email collection app for blogs and businesses built on Mailgun. You can learn more at Rabbut’s blog.

Mailgun Team
4 min read

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