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Well, This Is Awkward — Dealing With A Sudden Blacklisting

“This sucks. Blacklists suck. What is going on over at Barracuda? What did I do? This isn’t right!” – Senders and ESPs everywhere this past week.

Mailgun Team
3 min read
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FML, I’m On An Email Blacklist. What Do I Do?

The holidays already come with mounting anxiety. Will I find a Nintendo Switch for the kids? Your mom’s going to stay here for how long?! Will there be eggnog? So when you find either your domain name or IP address on an email blacklist, it’s easy to overreact.

Travis Walton
5 min read
  • Best Practices

The Best DNS Blacklists – Not All Blacklists Are Created Equal

At Mailgun, we often get emails from customers letting us know about IPs appearing on blacklists. We want to set the record straight on this. Not all blacklists are created equal. Some blacklists you should care about, but there are others that you shouldn’t lose any sleep over.

Nick Schafer
3 min read

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