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Intelligent Email Forwarding With Mailgun

My email has always been pretty publically available on my website. It’s good practice, and it makes it easy for people to get in touch with me. However, this created a bit of a problem.

Nick Lafferty
4 min read
  • Best Practices
Email Safe Fonts & Typography: Improving Accessibility In Emails

Kevin is the Head of Marketing at EmailMonks, one of the largest Email Templates production company which specializes in converting PSD to email templates. He loves gadgets, bikes, jazz, and breathes ‘email marketing’. He is a brand magician who loves to engage and share insights with fellow marketers. Feel free to connect with him on Twitter.

Kevin George
6 min read
  • Email DIY
Reverse DNS White Labeling — Hello, My Name Is…

DNS is about as old as the internet itself, and it’s easy to understand why. Domain names are way easier to memorize and remember than IP addresses, so DNS records were bound to catch on as more and more people started using the internet. Could you imagine remembering each IP address of the sites you wish to visit? That’d be a handful.

Michael Kane
3 min read
  • Email DIY
Email Open Rates: Decoded

Sending email is one thing; having someone open the email is another. Your open rate with any given list is one of the first measurements of success, and it should be. If you’re sending emails and nobody is opening them, chances are something in your strategy is mucking up your open rate.

Natalie Hays
4 min read
  • Email DIY
Easy DIY For Your Mailgun Account

When you have an issue that pops up unexpectedly, there’s always a sense of urgency to get it resolved quickly – and somehow the minutes just seem to drag on. You can’t get going fast enough, and you’re reaching for something – anything – that might help you.

Mailgun Team
3 min read

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