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Sunset Policies: Allowing Unengaged Recipients to Ride Off into the Sunset

In the final scene of the classic Western Shane, the titular character rides off into the sunset. The ambiguous ending has been debated for decades, but the result is the same. Shane is moving on, and we will never truly know his fate. Like Shane, you should consider when it is time to move on—in email terms, that means letting low or zero engagement recipients “ride off into the sunset” via sunset policies that clean unengaged contacts from your mailing lists.

Travis Walton
6 min read
  • Best Practices

How To Build An Email List The Right Way

I’ve seen a lot of lists – good lists, bad lists, and everything in between – so I can usually tell when a company’s email list is going to cause deliverability problems. When someone says, “yeah, I’ve got about ten million people on my list. I bought it off the internet a few years ago from a guy named Joe, and…” that raises some red flags.

Nick Schafer
6 min read

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