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Mailgun Just Got Better For Client Management

Here at Mailgun, our main focus is making an Email Sending Platform (ESP) that is scalable and highly integrable so our customers can start sending email as quickly as possible. While we make it easy to get new projects started, managing a large number of client domains can quickly become challenging on any ESP. After speaking directly with some of our highest-volume customers, we’ve come up with a couple of solutions for better client management.

Chris Farmer
5 min read
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Yahoo And AOL Throttling – The Mailgun Festivus Airing Of Grievances Part Two

You might have thought we were done airing our grievances this Festivus season, but we have to inform you that you are wrong.

Ashley Rodriguez
5 min read
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Cutting Through The Noise When Choosing An ESP

Picking an Email Service Provider is a mental tug of war: you’ll be working with that ESP a long time, and you want to make sure that the service is going to meet your needs perfectly. But there’s no avoiding the pressure from the business to figure it out ASAP. That app you’ve been working on is missing email capabilities and needed to deploy yesterday…or maybe that email server you’ve been using just can’t keep up with all the emails that need to go out every day.

Nick Schafer
6 min read

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