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Weekly Product Update: Domain-Level Webhooks And Reputation System Improvements

Mailgun Team
5 min read

This week’s main theme was webhooks and we’ve got an exciting (and much requested) new feature to announce: domain-level webooks. In addition, we’ve been focused on improving our reputation system to catch spammers and scammers before they can do their damage.

Domain-level webhooks

Until today, you could specify webhooks end points at the account level, but could not set different end points for different domains. Now you can!

Just as a reminder, the webhook notifications include:

  • Deliveries – email was accepted by the recipient email server

  • Bounces – email was not accepted and a hard bounce code/reason was returned

  • Drops – email was not accepted for reasons other than a hard bounce (excessive grey listing, incorrect mx records, etc.) and Mailgun stopped attempting to deliver

  • Opens – email was opened (and images were enabled)

  • Clicks – a link was clicked in the email

  • Unsubscribes – recipient unsubscribed from email distributions

  • Complaints – recipient clicked on their email client’s spam complaint button (note: not all ESPs provide this feedback)

Benefits of domain-level webhooks

Having spoken to a number of customers, we’ve identified the following use cases for having different webhook handlers for different domains:

  • You are using Mailgun to manage email for your own clients and you need to segregate client webhooks for processing

  • You use different domains for production and staging environments and want to use different sets of webhooks for them.

  • Load-balancing: some customers use many different email domains and process a lot of webhook calls. This gives them yet another way to distribute the load.

Configuring webhooks in the Mailgun control panel

There are no significant UI changes in the control panel. The only change is that now when you change the domain selector, you can add a different URL for that domain. Previously, there was no ability to add or change the URL per domain. If you were already using webhooks and you want to keep the old behavior, you do not need to do anything. We have migrated the URLs you were using appropriately.

Reputation system improvements

Unfortunately, when you are in the email business you have to spend a lot of time dealing with spammer and scammers. We have been working hard on our reputation system to improve the detection of bad email senders and bad traffic. The work is extensive so we’ll save the details for a separate blog post.

We take false positives very seriously but they may still occur. If you see your account is disabled, just send us an email at support@mailgun.com and we will work with you to resolve this ASAP.


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Happy emailing!


Last updated on August 28, 2020

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