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Samba.ai: Growing Fast and Growing Smart with Mailgun

Rebecca Reinhardt
5 min read

Here at Pathwire, we always say that our platform is built “API-first”, which means that we do all that we can to make Mailgun’s platform easy to integrate. We offer extensive integration documentation in all major coding languages, our pricing scale makes sense for growing businesses, and we provide tech support around the clock. Samba.ai, an AI-powered marketing platform, is one such business that has seen success growing with Mailgun’s email API. 

Founded in 2012, Samba.ai is on a mission to make email marketing more powerful through AI and Machine Learning technology. Their customers are not only able to send standard marketing emails, like welcome and engagement campaigns, but also leverage the machine learning capabilities of Samba to send dynamic email content. A unique feature of the Samba platform is that it integrates with the user’s website, pulling behavior data about site visitors which can be used to enrich email with personalized recommendations. 

About 3-4 years ago, the Samba.ai team was working on landing some of their first larger brands, and they knew they would need to find an Email Service Provider who could handle the growth they were anticipating. The team needed a solution that would scale with them as they grew. Also, it was important that they find a platform that was constantly evolving, improving, and offering new features that would help them grow. They wanted a partner that would keep them on the bleeding edge of technology.

They evaluated many ESPs but eventually settled on Mailgun. It was important to David Vyskocil, founder of Samba, that they made the right choice the first time. According to David, “It seemed like all ESPs were offering similar services, and the magic was hidden in the details. One of the details that was really important to us was deliverability. How could we be sure that our email partner will actually deliver the content generated by our platform to the inbox and not the spam folder?” The team at Samba.ai was ultimately convinced by Mailgun’s capability to process large amounts of email with one API request. “We needed to send millions of emails an hour, so this seemed perfect for us.”

When Samba.ai started to gain a following of larger brands, their competitors tried to create uncertainty around their product, especially around their ability to hit the inbox. Samba was pleased to be able to prove them wrong and now they are surpassing those competitors in growth. 

Today, with the help of Mailgun’s powerful and scalable platform, the Samba.ai platform is able to send 50 million emails a month, with bursts of 1 million emails an hour. David feels there is nowhere to go but up, explaining that he leverages the Mailgun analytics dashboard and support team to monitor his rapidly growing email program. David explains,

“The support we receive is exceptional, and we believe we will be progressing to the Deliverability Services team soon, where we will have a Technical Account Manager who can help us tackle the challenges that come with a growing email program. The biggest advantage we anticipate is having our Technical Account Manager monitor our program on the backend while we focus on continuing to grow our business. The support we receive over tickets in the meantime is fantastic and quick!” 

It’s easy to get started with Mailgun. And, as you can see from the Samba.ai story, everything is built to scale: from the platform, to the pricing, to the support from email experts. With an enterprise grade email partner backing their platform, Samba.ai is free to continue to iterate on their core platform. David aims to continue to push the boundaries of AI and email by using customer data to suggest new campaigns for their clients. He also wants to pioneer emails with “dynamic content,” which are emails that would load personalized content based on information known about the recipient. David says, “I believe we can make emails more productive and more useful. We want to use Machine Learning and AI to make our customer’s lives easier.”

Last updated on September 13, 2021

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