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Creating beautifully designed email messages won’t do you much good if you don’t take the time to preview your HTML email before you send it out to your massive list.

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Email Preview as Part of Your Email Marketing Process

The more sophisticated your email design is, the more likely that your recipients may have problems viewing it. Using a tool that lets you test your email and see an email preview as it would appear on a variety of email clients will allow you to take steps to get your coding just right before you send it out for real. It’s not enough to send a test email to yourself on gmail—it might look different for AOL mail users, on Apple mail, or on mobile devices. You want to be sure to cover all of your bases.

Just like it’s important to use an email service to help ensure that your email list is robust and help with deliverability, you want to make sure that the content and design of your HTML email isn’t all jumbled up.


Why HTML Email Preview Is Important

For starters, your email developer, editor, and designer worked really hard to make your HTML email look amazing, so it would be a shame if it looked funky on one or more of the popular email clients. Just think of all the potential hours wasted if you don’t test or use an email preview service.

Your end customer will be turned off if they open your email marketing message and it’s full of broken images, weird characters, and confusing layouts. This might cause them to unsubscribe from your email list, and it can hurt your sender reputation.

By using an email preview tool in addition to your email marketing service, you can test your email to make sure it’s perfect for all of the different email clients.


Making Email Preview Part of Your Strategy

While it is possible to run an email test yourself, it can be very time consuming. Think about it—it could look very different if it’s on Yahoo, Microsoft Outlook, or another service, and who has time to test every possibility?

That’s where email preview tools come in. They will give you a snapshot of how your email will look on the most popular email clients so you can spot potential issues.

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Once Your Message Is Ready, Make Sure It Gets Delivered

After using your email testing tool, now you’re ready to send. To ensure that your perfect message doesn’t get bounced back or flagged as spam, consider working with a solution that offers services including email validation, reputation management, and email performance monitoring.

Mailgun can help power successful email marketing campaigns and transactional emails, while providing best-in-class deliverability. From crafting the perfect message and making sure it will look good for all clients, to validating your email list and tracking performance, a start-to-finish email plan will help you maximize results. Learn more about how Mailgun can ensure that your perfect emails land in your customers’ inboxes.

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