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Benefits of Email Address Validation

Email address validation is a crucial step in the email marketing process. Without proper email verification, you can hurt your sender reputation, causing email clients to throttle your IP address due to excessive bounces or returned emails. Email validation also saves money: You’re not paying to send mail to nonexistent or mis-typed email addresses. And finally, invalid emails can wreak havoc on your data reporting. Invalid email addresses don’t open your messages, click through, or engage with your content, skewing your statistics for the worse. In order to optimize your ROI and your engagement levels, put a solid email verification process in action before issuing your next bulk email.


Email Verification API Built into Your Web Forms

With Mailgun’s email list verification tool, you can seamlessly improve the health of your mailing list. Our email validation API integrates directly with your web forms in real-time. This ensures that each subscriber on your mailing list has a valid email address before you send your message.


How Email Validation Works

  • Grammar checks for local parts rules. Our email validator automatically conducts grammar checks based on rules for major mailboxes. For example, a Gmail address such as “” would be flagged as an invalid email because the “+” does not meet Google’s local parts rules.
  • A suggestion service for common typos. Mailgun’s address validation tool also searches for common misspellings, and offers on-the-spot suggestions. For instance, if someone inputs an email address with the domain name “,” the tool will suggest “”
  • Flagging of email addresses that appear high-risk. Our email validator seeks to reduce the likelihood of your messages getting flagged as spam, so it refuses specific types of email addresses, such as role-based email addresses (i.e., or disposable e-mail addresses, which are usually temporary emails that may include a string of numbers or a signifier in the local parts such as “throwaway” or “junkmail.”
  • Mailbox provider email verification. Mailgun’s email validation tool programmatically checks the email address with the mailbox provider as an additional step in the email validation process. This means you can be confident that the email address on your list actually exists at the recipient domain.

Technical Aspects of Email Address Validation

Mailgun’s email validation tool also includes MX record and A record lookups, DNS lookups, and the ability to parse email addresses into local parts and domains — all with a typical API response time under 500 ms. And if your developers want to integrate additional features into the API, Mailgun offers an open-source library for optimizing the email validator for your own use case.


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