Email Logs

Email Logs Retained For Up To 30 Days With Details That Matter

Email problems shouldn’t be unsolved mysteries. With Mailgun, every action taken on your message is logged and indexed, giving you the ability to understand the history behind each and every message. Logs are retained for up to 30 days, giving you plenty of time to troubleshoot issues, compare week-to-week trends and dive into the details of your send.

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Email Logs
Super Quick Searches

Find the Messages You Need in Seconds

Mailgun quickly searches across billions of events to find only the messages you care about. Find messages by recipient, subject, tag, and more.

event visualizations

Detect Irregularities Quickly

At a glance, view your sending patterns and detect irregularities with our event visualizations. Narrow your focus by clicking and dragging across the histogram to adjust the time range.

View your sending patterns
Easy Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot Content Issues

View a fully rendered message or the raw MIME within the dashboard to troubleshoot content related issues. Subsequently, you can resend messages if temporary issues have kept a message from reaching its intended recipient or mail server.

Easy and Quick Integrations

Integrate Your App with Mailgun

You don’t have to come to Mailgun to find out what’s happening to your email. We’ll find you. Setup webhooks and receive real-time notifications for everything that is going on with your email. Our webhooks are RESTful and allow you to take advantage of the native routing and proxy features of your favorite framework.

Rest easy at night knowing that if your application has a failure and can’t process webhooks for a period of time, our logs can be used to recover a full 30 days of events.

Easy Email API Integrations
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