Transactional Email API

With an email API that is intuitive for developers to integrate into applications, email service providers like Mailgun can make it easy to communicate with your customers 24/7.

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A Transactional Email API for Consistent Communication

The average number of business emails sent and received per user each day numbers upwards of 122 emails. Yet transactional emails are initiated by user actions. As opposed to other forms of email marketing and bulk email campaigns, transactional emails have a distinct advantage in capturing a reader’s attention. Your customers are waiting to hear from you; don’t miss your opportunity to stand out.


Engage Users with Transactional Email

Common types of transactional email are action emails, email alerts, and billing emails. They include everything from customer purchase receipts to social media account notifications.

Other popular transactional emails include password-reset requests and account creation welcome emails. In fact, welcome emails can be a simple way to engage with your audience. According to recent data from Experian Marketing Services, welcome emails elicit more than 33% greater engagement with a brand. Despite this user insight, only 57.7% of companies greet new customers this way.

While using a simple email service may constrain your business’ ability to communicate with customers around the clock, a transactional email api makes it possible. Whatever your needs, let Mailgun help you increase your user engagement with responsive transactional email that features on-brand messaging.

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Your Transactional Needs

Grow your marketing platform by choosing a transactional email service that allows you to connect and communicate with your target audience. Send transactional email easily with our SMTP server and flexible HTTP API. Hooking your app into Mailgun is super easy and it takes less than 57 seconds to get started.

Powerful API and Features

To ensure high open rates for transactional email, a dedicated email service is essential. Mailgun offers:

  • dedicated IP addresses to isolate your reputation and make sure your transactional emails land in an inbox, not a spam folder
  • advanced analytics to track email sends in real-time, report changes in your email lists, and run A/B tests
  • flexible APsI including a robust email validation service and message events
  • a 24/7 support team available by chat, phone, or email

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Most of Mailgun’s features can be accessed through its RESTful HTTP API. We have libraries for many popular programming languages, making our API integration painless and easy for developers.

Mailgun doesn’t just send your email, we live and breathe it so you don’t have to. We offer a robust, reliable, and scalable solution that can keep up with your customer demand as your company grows.

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Explore Beyond Transactional Email

Mailgun has a variety of features for companies in need of Transactional Email.

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