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We use Mailgun to manage our email process for our core feature – the personal assistant. Millions of travel offers are checked and rated in realtime and integrated into our daily user emails. The recipient variables help us to personalize these emails for thousands of customers. The Mailgun service is easy to implement, offers useful statistics and gives us scaling possibilities for the future. Mailgun helps us to concentrate on our core competency – advanced travel booking intelligence.


VOGAYO is a travel booking platform that offers intelligent features like a tag-based search and a personal travel assistant with daily checked and rated offers.


We use Mailgun for automatic notifications and to route Airbnb guest messages properly connecting them with different communication managers on shift. Mailgun solved our admins headache. It was very easy to integrate and now we enjoy that it scales up with no efforts from our side at all. 


Guest Management System


We use Mailgun Routes to update our internal dashboard and status site from alert emails from Pingdom. Our experience has been great. Easy to setup and the service has been rock-solid.


Frustration-free web-based apps for collaboration, sharing information, and making decisions.


We used to use WordPress SMTP plugins to increase deliverability for the emails sent from our clients’ WordPress websites. These were very error-prone because there were still some deliverability issues and the emails would break every time the client changed their email password as they would forget to to change it on the website. Mailgun is easier to set up, more reliable and doesn’t require customer passwords – a much better solution!

Barn2 Media

One of the UK's top UK-based WordPress agencies, designing affordable WordPress and WooCommerce websites for clients around the world.


All email sent via UserVoice goes through Mailgun. Mailgun also handles incoming email for our ticket system. Handling incoming email is where Mailgun really shines. In particular: All emails are converted to UTF-8; There’s always a ‘plain’ (text only) version of the email sent to us, even if the original email only included HTML; They offer a ‘stripped-text’ field, which lets us easily see the new part of an email thread. Also, pretty great support.


UserVoice creates simple customer engagement tools that help companies understand and interact with their customers and build customer relationships that last.


We’ve been pleased with our Mailgun experience. During implementation the Mailgun team was responsive 24/7 to our engineers as they integrated our systems. Mailgun also took our feedback and quickly improved support for our specific sending patterns. The seamless implementation of new domains has eased the workload on our engineering team and allows me to expedite our team’s work. Finally, I love that we can easily verify our logs against what Mailgun is tracking via their website or APIs.


Causes, is a San Francisco-based tech company recently acquired by Brigade that provides people with the platform and tools to make the world a better place.

Causes Sees 20% Increase in Clicks with Mailgun

Mailgun is our primary provider for email. We use Mailgun because it concentrates on transactional emails (of the sort that we send) rather than other mail services which are more geared towards bulk mailings. Other services end up sending massive amounts of emails for large mailing lists which causes periods of slow delivery. We are very vested in timely delivery, whereas most other services are concerned about not being blocked as spam. Mailgun is consistently fast.


PagerDuty is a SaaS-based alerting and on-call management system for IT professionals.


We use Mailgun to send our Huesday newsletter to hundreds of thousands of COLOURlovers each week. With their simple API, Mailgun makes it easy for us to “send it and forget it”. We can be sure that all emails are properly delivered, and we even get realtime stats on opens, bounces, clickthroughs and spam reports so we can see at a glance how our mailings are performing. Building this system ourselves would’ve been a huge distraction, and Mailgun offers it as part of their core service.


COLOURlovers is a creative design community with a simple mission: to make beautiful design content easily accessible to everyone.


At Exec, we use Mailgun to send all our transactional and promotional emails. Mailgun helps us manage our email subscriber lists and track the efficacy of our email newsletters by providing open and click-through rates for each of our emails, so we always know what’s working well and what’s not. Mailgun makes it super simple to send email and manage list subscribers, and abstracts away all of the difficulties of managing a mail server. It was incredibly easy to set up, and their support team replies almost instantly any time we have a question.


Exec is a cleaning and on-demand errand running service.


Mailgun is behind everything we do with email – transactional, retention and newsletters. We also use Mailgun to parse incoming email. Many of our users add photos from their mobile device by simply emailing their photos to us. Mailgun POSTs those incoming emails to a webhook and we parse the images out and add them to the users account. Mailgun has been reliable with everything we have done with them. We’re also big fans of their routing features.


Picplum is the easiest way to send photo prints to loved ones automatically.


People who post needs to Jig want an answer quickly, and we use Mailgun to make sure that suggestions, ideas, and conversations are emailed to interested users promptly and reliably. The Mailgun API was trivial to drop in and use. It’s not caused us a moment’s trouble and it did everything we needed.


Jig is a website where people exchange ideas and recommendations for the things that they need.


Dead simple setup, top-notch customer support, incredibly powerful apis, and completely dependable. Mailgun delivers a feature-rich service that lets us focus on managing our product instead of our mail servers.


Gobble is a marketplace for fresh meals from neighborhood chefs. In short: we're peer-to-peer lasagna.


We use Mailgun to send all our email, from daily newsletters to password reminders. Email is our most important marketing vehicle, and with the experts at Mailgun handling everything, we thankfully never have to worry about email deliverability or infrastructure again!


Grubwithus is a real life social network that brings like-minded people together over great food. Never eat alone!


We use Mailgun to notify people when their drawings have finished processing, to notify people when projects are updated, to notify people when they are invited to a project, to notify people when stuff fails. We use it for EVERYTHING!


Blueprints on the iPad!


For years I managed all the necessary infrastructure on my own using my own servers, but it all got to be too much. Deliverability was suffering, and I was spending too much time on sysadmin tasks. In less than a day’s worth of coding, integrating with Mailgun solved the biggest headache I had.


Locallygrown.net is an online farmers market system that takes all of the best features of traditional farmers markets and buying clubs, and combines them into one simple system.


TennisPoint’s members send upwards of 200,000+ emails per month and rely on their “message” being delivered. Mailgun’s robust API makes application integration simple and painless and enables us to provides outstanding message tracking tools — this gives our members piece of mind that their message was delivered! We also outsource all our incoming email to Mailgun as well. Mailgun is the best of both worlds – incoming about outgoing email!


TennisPoint is a SaaS application which utilizes the latest technologies to make captaining a tennis team or managing a tennis league more enjoyable!


Mailgun allows us to do efficient customer service and notification emails to our user base with its SMTP and rate limiting support. We no longer have the nagging worry that our own SMTP servers being marked as spam. Their customer support has been phenomenal in getting us ramped up.


Spool is an easy way save text, image, and video content across all of your mobile devices and push content to a friend’s mobile device.


Mailgun makes it easy to track the delivery of emails without maintaining our own email infrastructure, subscribing to spam feedback loops, or developing our own bounce detection software. In the future, we’re hoping to take advantage of Mailgun’s inbound email capability to enable our site’s SMS interaction.


Anyvite is the easiest way to create amazing invitations online.


We use Mailgun for all of our automated emails and for our weekly newsletter to our registered users. We also use it to communicate with our artists and labels.


Earbits is personalized streaming radio with cojones. No ads, no commercials, no subscriptions…just bad ass music.


We use Mailgun for all of our communication e-mails, to both our clients and our tutors. We’ve worked with other e-mail providers in the past and all of our marketing e-mails would end up in people’s spam folders. Mailgun is the absolute best service to ensure your potential customers are getting your e-mails.


Tutorspree has great private tutors in your city.


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