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Illustration of the statistics and delivery rate of an email campaign.
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Email deliverability suite

Optimize with purpose

Boost engagement and safeguard your email program with Mailgun Optimize.

Over 150,000 companies are building great apps and email programs with Mailgun

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Optimize at every step

Simplify your journey to the inbox

Get the actionable insights needed to build and maintain a high-ROI email program – from day-to-day decision making to long-term strategic planning. Mailgun Optimize combines industry-leading applications with a team of technical deliverability experts that is ready to provide personalized guidance and dedicated support.​

A graphic illustration of the inbox placement UI from Mailgun.

Mailgun Optimize

Email deliverability is an art and a science and Mailgun Optimize helps you master both. Get the data, insight, and expertise needed to:

  • Maximize inbox placement

  • Stay out of the spam folder

  • Improve sender reputation

  • Avoid disruption

  • Build a winning email strategy

  • Get expert guidance

Deliverability services

Scale with simplicity

Don’t let the complexities of email deliverability become a distraction from your core business. Our Deliverability Services team has over 320 years of combined experience sending over 400B emails every year for some of the world's largest brands.

Prioritizing time to understand your business needs, we will help craft and implement a personalized strategy designed to advance and safeguard your email portfolio.

Illustration showing the statistics for email logs and analytics.
A graphic illustration of email verification.

Email Validation

Minimize bounces, maximize conversions

Don’t waste time and money sending to invalid or high-risk email addresses. Customers who validate their email addresses with us have lowered bounce rates by 21% and increased open rates by 65%, dramatically improving their delivery rate and engagement. Our email verification uses real, cached send data making it faster and more accurate than the competition.

Inbox Placement Testing

Amplify your inbox placement

Catch inbox placement issues before they impact your bottom line. Use inbox placement testing to see where your emails will land across all major mailbox providers, down to the specific tab or folder. Inbox placement testing is the easiest, most accurate way to proactively identify and fix the issues that are keeping your emails in the spam folder.

Illustration of an inbox with primary, social, and promotion tabs to filter email.
A graphic illustration showing analytics on a computer screen.

Reputation monitoring

Protect your sender reputation

Monitor your most essential email signals with ease. Quickly identify and remediate issues before they cause major disruption to your email program. Monitor your IPs and domains against all major blocklists and spam traps, integrate seamlessly with Google Postmaster Tools and Microsoft SNDS, get actionable insight into critical bounces, and more with our full suite of monitoring applications.

Email previews

Reach every subscriber on every device

Your emails need to look captivating on the hundreds of different devices and email clients that your subscribers use. Take the guesswork out of making your emails responsive and flawless with live email preview testing on 100+ of the latest devices and clients.

A graphic illustration of mobile email templates.

Great results start with the right partner. Grow your business with a focused email strategy.

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