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Easy SMTP integration and a simple, RESTful API abstracts away the messy details of sending transactional or bulk email.

Email API

Send transactional or bulk email effortlessly with Mailgun Email API. Regardless of your business case, Mailgun Email API empowers senders like you to build with the most powerful and reliable email service provider in the industry. Whether you need to send one thousand or 10 million emails in minutes, Mailgun Email API’s infrastructure scales with you and boasts 99.99% server uptime – so you’re never caught in a bind when you need it most.

Illustration showing the API organization.
Illustration showing an inbox being filtered by SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.


With Mailgun’s SMTP relay services, senders around the world can send both marketing and transactional emails alike without needing to manage their own mail servers. Secure your SMTP email streams and keep spammers from spoofing your brand with proper authentication protocols. With protocols like SPF, DMARC, and DKIM records, you’ll not only improve the reputation of your brand with recipients but with inbox service providers too. Using these methods alongside solutions like our Email Address VerificationsInbox Placement tests, and Send Time Optimization lowers your spam rate, reduces spam complaints, and improves your overall email deliverability.

Inbound email routing

Getting rid of all of the clutter is the first step towards a streamlined incoming email solution. Automatically parse incoming emails for easy-to-digest structured data. Through parsing, you’re able to extract data that is important to your business, rather than collecting email signatures and repeated content in an email thread.

Email Routes turning into simple data
Illustration showing API code for email sending.

Send Time Optimization

For time-conscientious senders, Send Time Optimization (STO) holds your emails until your recipient is engaging with their inbox, putting messages top of mind for better email engagements. By adapting to individual usage patterns and open times, your email is more likely to show up at the top of someone’s inbox and is more likely to be engaged with by the recipient. Power your email marketing campaigns or transactional emails with Mailgun's rich database of sending history.

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