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SAML authentication

Secure your email program with the identity provider of your choice via SAML authentication protocols.

Security breaches are avoidable

Putting the proper security protocols and measures into place at any business can be time-consuming, but the cost of letting them fall to the wayside is too high. All it takes is one breach out of your set of user accounts to halt your entire email program. While strong passwords and two-factor authentication go a long way to mitigate security breaches, many businesses opt for an easier option by using an identity provider that supports single sign-on through SAML 2.0 authentication.

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Optimizing user access

Security assertion markup language (SAML) is an open standard of communication between a SAML identity provider (IDP) and a SAML authority. The SAML authority and the IDP are able to communicate with each other through several different SAML assertions made by the SAML authority. These different SAML requests allow the IDP and SAML authority to authenticate and approve the passage of data between each other – such as login credentials or user attributes.

A working example of this would be an end-user logging into an IDP such as Okta or OneLogin in order to access their Mailgun account via single sign-on (SSO) auth. When that user selects Mailgun from their IDP, an authentication request is passed to the SAML Authority, and then a SAML response is passed back over to the IDP based on whether or not the authorization is approved – all while masking your user's identity. In this use case, the authorization determines whether or not the user accesses their given Mailgun API account. SAML authentication goes far beyond email service providers, and are used by a wide variety of SaaS platforms as a standard of account security.

Configure with your preferred IDP

At Sinch Mailgun, we support a variety of IDP services to best fit your business, and SAML configuration is easily accomplished via the UI. An excellent alternative to old school LDAP configurations, SAML is a necessity for senders looking to send email from the cloud. Different SAML IDPs provide different levels of identity management, user logs, and other features that support your program security: so you can choose the provider that best fits your use case.

Once set up, your users will log in from the IDP web application login screen to access Mailgun, rather than our own login page. From there, the IDP will communicate with our SAML authority for user authentication before allowing access to your account.

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