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Dribbble Case Study Article Image

How Dribbble improved connection & scalable sending with Mailgun

As the largest designer-oriented jobs community, Dribbble enables designers to display and share their work with peers and companies alike. As...

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Transcend Case Study Article Image

Optimizing data privacy for scalable and secure email programs with Sinch Mailgun and Transcend

Patreon uses Mailgun to help manage email communications for their immense, online universe of creators and patrons. Mailgun handles...

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QRM Case Study Article Image

Sending millions of job alerts 24/7 with the Mailgun Email API

Transactional marketing emails are an important part of everyday business, and when done correctly they can even bring people closer to...

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thumbnail Growing fast and growing smart with Mailgun

Today, with the help of Mailgun’s powerful and scalable platform, the platform is able to send 50 million emails a month...

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SparkToro logo

Building a dynamic email ecosystem: SparkToro's story

Understanding your audience as a business is paramount to product planning and marketing efforts, but identifying where those people are - let alone what they talk about...

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Switchboard logo

How Switchboard improved email deliverability with Mailgun Validate

In the world of elections, reputation is everything. For Switchboard, it’s about helping candidates reach voters and supporters to win elections. Because every vote counts...

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Scribed and Iterable case study.

Scribd partners with Iterable + Mailgun to engage readers around the globe

In 2007, Scribd launched the world’s first open publishing platform. Today, with over 100 million unique monthly visitors, a digital library of more than 1 million titles, and...

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TextMagic Case Study Image

TextMagic improves deliverability rate with Mailgun

Email is one of the leading forms of online communication for businesses, whether internally with employees or externally with users. Other channels are becoming more popular due to their...

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AdRoll thumbnail

How AdRoll sends & tracks emails in their Ruby app using the Mailgun API

Today’s post is written by Peter Clark, CEO of userfox (now AdRoll), an awesome new startup that is changing the way businesses communicate with their customers via email. They just launched a...

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Zipbooks case study article photo

Zipbooks switched from Mandrill to Mailgun using Laravel

ZipBooks, a happy customer of Mailgun, is free accounting and invoicing software with every feature you might expect from a paid application...

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Launch School Case Study Article Image

How Tealeaf Academy increased student engagement 3x

At Tealeaf Academy, creating a “Study Together, Progress Together” experience for our students is at core of our way of teaching. One of our core tools is the discussion board where students ask questions...

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DNSimple Case Study Article Image

How Ruby-based DNSimple uses Mailgun’s API to create & configure domains for email forwarding

At DNSimple we love DNS in an almost unhealthy way. What we don’t love though is managing mail servers. Earlier this year we decided to add email forwarding as one of the services we offer...

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deliverability matters

As a SaaS business, one of our primary communication channels with our customers is over email and which is why we use Mailgun...

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Marketing automation at scale: + Mailgun

When, an automated messaging platform, ran into scaling issues with their Email Service Provider (ESP), it felt like they were trying...

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Cinemark Case Study Article Image

How Cinemark utilized Mailgun to streamline their customer service experience

Cinemark was able to utilize Mailgun's Email Validation API to provide real-time corrections on misspelled email addresses, allowing Cinemark...

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Dovetail Case Study Article Image

Mailgun + Dovetail: A recipe for rapid growth

Dovetail is not your typical software agency. They don’t specialize in marketing strategy, Salesforce integrations, or creative design – they specialize...

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Omnisend Case Study Article Image

Embracing growth: The Omnisend story

Omnisend needed to find a new solution that provided a seamless enduser experience. They needed to be more than just another end-user o...

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Causes Case Study Article Image

Causes sees 20% increase in clicks with Mailgun

We love to hear great stories from our customers. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be the email automation engine behind such a great cause,...

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Flipsnack Case Study Article Image

Creating a better user experience with email and validations

Today, Flipsnack supports over two million active creators in making the best possible online catalogs, portfolios, magazines, and more from...

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Uservoice Case Study Article Image

How UserVoice solved their incoming email problem

This post was written by Jonathan Novak, Head of Engineering at UserVoice, where he just celebrated his 3rd year at the company...

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Zapier Case Study Article Image

How Zapier uses Mailgun to send emails

We hosted a Google Hangout yesterday featuring Mailgun customer, Zapier. In this hangout, Joe Stych from Zapier, showcased how they use...

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Vero Case Study Article Image

How Ruby-based Vero uses Mailgun’s Campaign Analytics API

I’m Chris, one of the co-founders of Vero. We’re an email remarketing company: we make it easy for online businesses to track exactly what their...

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Reflex Media Case Study Article Image

Finding the perfect match through email marketing

In a saturated space like the online dating market, it’s not just about swiping left to find the right match.

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Drupal case study card.

Growing Digital Storefronts with Mailgun and Drupal

Founded in 2001, Drupal is a popular open source CMS that remains competitive in the open source ecosystem due to wide support from thousands of contributors all over...

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PUBG case study logo

Sending success all in one platform - The PUBG Story

By the time PUBG started using Mailgun’s Deliverability Services, they had already been using Mailgun for over a year with great success. PUBG saw an opportunity to bring...

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