Email Validation Service

Connect with more customers and improve your email deliverability

With email validation, you won’t waste your budget on email addresses that don’t exist.


A bad email address is a lost customer

Email is the primary form of communication with customers and prospects for businesses. Invalid email addresses result in unnecessary bounces and drive down your engagement metrics and sender reputation and cost you money.

25% of your email database will go bad this year. What will this cost your business?

The Mailgun Difference:

Customers who validate email addresses with Mailgun before they send have a 21% lower bounce rate, dramatically improving their inbox placement.

Bulk Email Validations

Fastest validations in the industry

Need to clean a list with millions of addresses? Walk to the break room, grab a cup of coffee, and come back to a clean email list.

Cached information reduces latency in our service, ensuring your signup, checkout, or form submission page is never slowed down. And when validating large contact lists, you can have your results in minutes, not hours or days.

The Mailgun Advantage

Verify emails with someone whose business is sending email. With more than 11 billion emails sent every month, we’ve hashed the majority of active email addresses. We know what’s deliverable and what’s not.

Plus, by using Mailgun’s validations alongside our sending and other deliverability tools, you don’t have to worry about the time and effort necessary to integrate different products.

Avoid high-risk recipients

Protect your platform from abuse without sacrificing performance

Bot attacks can turn into full-blown DDoS if detected too late. Users trying to trick your platform with grammar rules? We flag that information too.

Two Methods to Validate

Validate emails at sign up to make sure you are capturing good data and clean your list periodically to make sure it stays that way.

Real-time email validation API

Verify email addresses in real-time at the point of capture to reduce invalid signups with Mailgun’s real-time email address validation API.

Bulk Email Validations

Bulk list validation tool

Clean your subscriber list of invalid emails before you send. Our list validation tool is as simple as uploading a .csv. Clean your lists at least every 6 months list to ensure your emails are still valid.

Not sure if your lists need a clean? Run Bulk Preview for free. This test version of Validations is performed on a statistically significant sample of your list. You’ll get the sample result, and then decide if you need Validations to clean your entire list or not

Industry-leading proprietary process

Verify your entire email list at once and reduce email bounce rates. Easily identify valid emails, role-based addresses, typos and more. Our validation tool goes beyond simple grammar rules – we check directly with the mailbox for verification for accuracy you can rely on.

  • mailbox/MX verification
  • role-based address verification
  • disposable address verification
  • RFC grammar rule check
  • suggestions on suspected typos
  • catch-all address verification
  • lightning fast email checker
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