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Bulk email validation gives you an easy way to immediately clean your list of invalid email addresses with syntax errors and typos.

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Invalid Email Addresses Can Wreak Havoc

Unfortunately, every time someone on your email list changes jobs or email service providers, their email address changes too. This means that on a monthly basis, roughly 2% of your contact list may be made up of invalid email addresses. Without the proper list management, this can translate into more than 25% of a company’s mailing list being rendered invalid every year. What’s more, email address typos or email domain syntax errors on sign-up forms can result in invalid email addresses, translating into a missed opportunity for your sales team.

Keep Email Lists Current with Validation and Email Verification

Since a valid email address is essential for bulk email marketing, regular email list verification is essential. Usually the easiest way to build a list and verify emails at the same time is through a web form. When an email validation tool is not in place, users may enter invalid email addresses or disposable mailboxes. If you send a bulk email without an email verification process, messages may miss their target.

There is nothing more frustrating than sending out a bulk email mailing only to have several of those messages bounce back, be rejected by the mail server, or get marked as undeliverable. That’s why an integrated email verification process is so important. Using email verification software allows for real-time verification through your web application.

While you can verify email addresses manually, this gets pretty tedious for lists with hundreds or thousands of b2b email addresses. In these cases, using a bulk email verifier tool is a necessity. An email validation tool can provide bulk email verification automatically, saving you time and resources.

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Mailgun’s email verification services are a great way for developers and email marketers to avoid bounced emails and protect your reputation. Validating with our real-time email validation API will increase your delivery rates so more of your emails can make it to the inbox. Mailgun’s bulk email validation tool checks syntax for common email service providers like Yahoo, Gmail, and others. It also looks for fake emails and addresses with known spam complaints. With a bulk email verifier, you can conduct an email list cleaning to make sure that your bulk email list is free of errors. This will reduce your bounce rate and increase your sender score by removing temporary and disposable emails from your list.

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