Real-Time Email Validation Service

Get better results from your email campaigns and protect your platform from bots. Know what’s real and what’s not with Mailgun’s email validation API.

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Real-Time Email Validation

Real email addresses, real customers
Improve your data quality and send emails that convert. With email verification, you can stop wasting money on low quality addresses.

Defense against DDoS attacks & bot signups
Secure your website forms with Mailgun’s email validation API – the fastest in the industry. It’s a simple security measure with a massive impact.

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Clean Your Email List with a 3-Point Check

Verify your entire email list at once and reduce email bounce rates. Easily identify valid emails, role-based addresses, typos and more. Our validation tool goes beyond simple grammar rules – we check directly with the mailbox for verification for accuracy you can rely on.

  • mailbox/MX verification
  • role-based address verification
  • disposable address verification
  • RFC grammar rule check
  • suggestions on suspected typos

Real-Time verification

Protect Your Platform from Abuse

Bot attacks can turn into full-blown DDoS if detected too late. Identify invalid email addresses before they cause problems with email validation on your web and signup forms.

Real-time verification ensures your real signups still have a positive user experience. Plus, you’ll collect high quality email addresses upfront for higher conversion rates down funnel.

Build Your CRM with Reliable, High Quality Data

Find a better way to manage your CRM data, starting with real email addresses that won’t bounce. You can easily integrate Mailgun’s email validation API into your Salesforce CRM or any other CRM system to collect valid email addresses for your contacts. Learn more >

Email Validation

Built-In Suggestion Service for Typos

Real people make mistakes. If gmail becomes gmal or yahoo becomes yaho, you’ve missed your opportunity to acquire a new customer.

Mailgun’s validation tool gives free suggestions at the point of entry. That means less mistakes upfront for more long-term customers.

Avoid Risky Email Addresses

Spam complaints and bounce rates can have devastating effects on your ability to reach the inbox. Pinpoint high-risk disposable mailboxes and shared emails like “support@" or “info@" to keep your bounce rate and spam complaints low.

Email Address Validation

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