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Tailor the way you use Mailgun to suit your organization’s requirements. Take care of the most important aspects of your email needs with:

  • A dedicated Technical Account Manager to help you build, implement, and iterate on your corporate email strategies.
  • A burst sending SLA that guarantees your time-sensitive emails get to inbox providers at the precise time you need or your money back.

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Your Technical Account Manager (TAM) Available 24/7

Your Technical Account Manager Available 24/7

Achieve your deliverability goals with the help of a dedicated email expert who proactively monitors your account for delivery issues, IP reputation management, throttling, blacklists, and more.

Mailgun’s Managed Service gives you a single point of contact, focused on optimizing your sending and inbox placement 24/7.

Send Up to 250k Emails Per Minute

Make sure your time-sensitive, high-volume emails reach inboxes at the precise moment you want for maximum impact.

With the Rapid Fire Burst Sending SLA, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that your high throughput rate is backed by a service-level agreement.

Send up to 250k Emails Per Mintue

Explore Beyond Bulk Validation

Mailgun has a variety of features for companies with large lists and bulk sending needs.


IP Warmup Guidance
Onboarding Plan
Email Validations
Dedicated IP Management
1000 Domains
Deliverability Troubleshooting

Burst Sending

Rapid Fire SLA
Up to 250k Emails/Minute
High-Volume Sending
Time-Sensitive Emails
High Throughput
Money Back Guarantee

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