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Products built with deliverability in mind

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    Email API

    Send transactional or bulk email effortlessly with our SMTP relay and flexible HTTP API.

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    Email Validation

    With email validation, you won’t waste your budget on email addresses that don’t exist.

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    Burst Sending

    Get your time-sensitive, high-volume emails on their way to inboxes without delay.

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    Inbox Placement

    Predict the performance of your emails and catch delivery issues before they impact your business.

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    Deliverability Services

    Overcome the obstacles to deliverability with a strategy that gives you a competitive advantage.

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    Enterprise Services

    Grow an enterprise email program with deliverability in mind to boost your success.

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Send an email with a few lines of code

Let's send your first email. Grab the code below in your preferred language and paste it into your terminal.
  • cURL
  • Python
  • Java
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • C#
  • Node.js
1 # Try our API. Copy & run this in your terminal.
4 curl -s --user 'api:ENTER_API_KEY_HERE' \
5 https://api.mailgun.net/v3/samples.mailgun.org/messages \
6 -F from='Excited User <excited@samples.mailgun.org>' \
7 -F to=‘Meow Gun <meow.gun@mailgun.com>’ \
8 -F subject='Hello Meow Gun' \
9 -F template='action' \
10 -F h:X-Mailgun-Variables='{"test": "test"}'
14 # Send an email using your Active Template with the above snippet
15 # You can see a record of this email in your logs:
16 # https://app.mailgun.com/app/logs.

Fast setup, easy integration

Get up and running today. We have a robust set of APIs and comprehensive documentation so you can spend less time adding email into your app and more time building cool stuff. Here’s what needs to get done:
  • 1
    Activate your account

    After you sign up, check your email, click a link, and you’re done.

  • 2
    Set up your domain name

    Add a couple DNS records so we know you own the domain you claim to be sending emails from.

  • 3
    Start sending

    Deploy the code wherever email fits into your app or plug your SMTP credentials into a tool of your choice.

Full endpoint documentation

Our API reference includes code samples in your favorite language or framework.
useful features

Email API for application-driven emails

Send transactional or bulk email effortlessly with our SMTP relay and flexible HTTP API.
  • Intelligent inbound routing

    Automatically parse incoming emails for easy-to-digest structured data.

  • Advanced email analytics

    Gather actionable insights so every message you send performs better than the last.

  • Responsive email templates

    Streamline collaborating with other teams and version control with our templates feature.

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Developers and product teams love using Mailgun to communicate with their users

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