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Every Mailgun Account Includes These Powerful Features


  • Batch Sending
  • Scheduled Delivery
  • Rate Management
  • List Management
  • Template Variables
  • White-labeled Domains


  • Advanced Message Parsing
  • Intelligent Routing & Forwarding
  • RegEx Pattern Matching
  • Wildcard Domains
  • Spam Filtering
  • Temporary Message Storage


  • Live, Searchable Logs
  • 30-day Data Retention
  • Mailbox Provider Performance
  • Device Breakdown
  • Geographic Performance
  • Event Webhooks and API


  • Mailbox Verification
  • Suggestion Service
  • Disposable Provider Check
  • Role-based Address Check
  • Support for Custom Grammar
  • JQuery Plugin

Yes, Mailgun supports many large-volume senders, including those sending large bursts with specific delivery requirements.   Our managed email service is designed to help make sure large-volume senders are successful and will give your emails the best possible chance of landing in the inbox.

Standard Mailgun accounts include 24×7 support through tickets.  We offer our managed email service for customers who require a dedicated technical account manager and phone support.

Accounts without a credit card are restricted to a “trial” mode that only allows messages to be sent to recipients who have been added to the authorized recipient list.  This restriction helps prevent abuse of the platform.  To remove this restriction, you can add a credit card to your account.  Even after adding a credit card, you will only be charged when your usage exceeds the free allocation.

Mailgun exposes both an HTTP API and an SMTP endpoint.  If you are building an application, we recommend using our HTTP API.

You are only billed for services used.  You are billed for usage on each monthly anniversary of your signup date. If you cancel your account, any remaining balance owed will be charged before we close the account.