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Robust email delivery. Boost your deliverability with email validations and a dedicated IP to protect and isolate your reputation.



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  • What's Included

5 Days of Log Retention
Diagnose delivery issues with real-time search of email events stored by Mailgun for 5 days.

Email Analytics
Know exactly what happens to your emails with reporting by email category, metrics like location, device type, and hourly performance, and A/B testing capabilities.

Guaranteed Uptime SLA
Worry less about reliability with a 99.99% uptime SLA – the most robust in the industry.

24/7 Ticket Support
Avoid headaches and hassle with ticket support that's manned all day, every day.

from $0.50 / 1,000 emails
from $1.00 / 100 validations


Increase your deliverability
and manage user access

$79 / mo

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100,000 emails
1,000 validations

  • What's Included

Concept, plus

15 Days of Log Retention
Diagnose delivery issues with real-time search of email events stored by Mailgun for 15 days.

1 Dedicated IP
Improve deliverability, segment your emails in a way that makes sense and isolate your reputation from bad actors.

$0.60 / 1,000 emails
from $0.90 / 100 validations


Optimize your performance
and get world-class support

$325 / mo

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500,000 emails
5,000 validations

  • What's Included

Production, plus

30 Days of Log Retention
Diagnose delivery issues with real-time search of email events stored by Mailgun for 30 days.

Instant Chat Support
Get a response the minute you need it via live chat, 7am to 7pm CST on weekdays.

Live Phone Support
Gain access to our world-class technical support team for one-on-one phone support, 8am to 5pm CST on weekdays.

$0.45 / 1,000 emails
from $0.80 / 100 validations


Build a proactive solution
customized to your needs


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Custom email volume
Custom validations

  • What's Included

Scale, plus

Managed Email Service
Achieve your deliverability goals with a technical account manager – one part technologist, one part deliverability strategist – available around the clock to proactively monitor your account, manage your IP/domain reputation, and build an email strategy tailored to your needs.

Rapid Fire Burst Sending
Send millions of emails in an extremely short time period with a cloud-based throughput of up to 250k emails per minute. It’s all backed by a SLA so you get peace of mind and a happy legal team.

Custom Features
Build the plan that’s right for you and save money in the process. Contact us to put together an enterprise package with your custom requirements and volume needs.

Custom pricing for
extra emails and validations

Choose Where Your Data Lives

Send email through the US or the EU from a single account.
Mailgun’s service is hosted within both regions, so your data can remain in the region of your choice.

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