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Reputation Monitoring

Don’t let small setbacks cause major disruptions to your email program. Stay off blocklists, avoid spam traps, monitor your domain and IP reputation, and more with Mailgun Optimize.

Blocklist monitoring

Don’t let a blocklist disrupt your business

If your domains or IPs end up on an email blocklist, your entire email program could come to a screeching halt. How would days or weeks without email impact your business?

Protect your domains, IP addresses, and sender reputation with Mailgun Optimize. Monitor your domains and IP addresses against our curated list of blocklist providers and receive notifications when an IP becomes listed so you can take swift action to avoid major disruption.

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How to get off a domain blocklist?

Landing on a blocklist can be very scary. Your email program suddenly stops working and you have potentially millions of emails no longer reaching your subscribers. With our Deliverability Services you can get access to professional resources that will help you assess the situation, work with the blocklist providers, and get back on track as fast as possible.

Spam trap monitoring dashboard

Spam trap monitoring

Avoid spam traps

Sending to spam traps will quickly diminish your sender reputation and eventually land you on a blocklist if you don’t take action. It’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to do serious damage to your email deliverability.

Spam Trap Monitoring from Mailgun Optimize provides insight into how often you are sending to pristine, recycled, and typo spam traps. Identify issues in near-real-time so you can protect your sender reputation and avoid serious disruption to your email program.

Google Postmaster Tools and Microsoft SNDS

Maintain an exceptional sender reputation

As your domain and IP reputations diminish, so does your ability to get important email to the inbox of your subscribers. Your reputation is one of the single most important factors in whether you land in the inbox or the spam folder.

Mailgun Optimize has direct integrations with Google Postmaster Tools and Microsoft SNDS so you can monitor domain and IP reputation, spam and blocklist results, delivery errors, and more from directly within the app.

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Manage email bounces.

Bounce Classification

Identify and remove unnecessary email bounces

Don’t let bounce rates diminish your reputation and ruin deliverability - monitor your bounces and filter by mailbox provider, spam filter, and bounce category.

Bounce Classification works by identifying the bounces that result from your actions as a sender. This eliminates most soft bounces that might register due to temporary issues like network interruptions, and focuses on the bounces that impact your deliverability the most like bounces from policy violations, low reputation, and blocklisting. This feature is only available for senders using Mailgun as their email service provider.

The importance of your email sender reputation

Every time you send an email, ISPs like Gmail or Microsoft monitor your sending practices and assign a reputation to your domain and IP address. This reputation is based on several factors from spam complaints, to sending volume and everything in between. If your reputation diminishes, your emails are more likely to land in the spam folder, making your sender reputation a pivotal factor in determining the success of your email program.

Email health score

Visualize your Deliverability

With the myriads of factors that affect your sender reputation, getting a grasp of overall deliverability is challenging.  Understand and remedy the issues affecting your email program with Mailgun’s email health score.

Our email health score provides a snapshot of your overall deliverability for easier monitoring and remediation of issues based on the five most critical email deliverability signals: bounces, complaints, spam traps, full inboxes, and hard failures. With these factors visualized in one single view, you’re able to identify sending issues in less time than ever before.

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