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Research report

Email and the customer experience

How to deliver what consumers want

What's inside

In this exclusive report, you will find:

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    How to build a better customer experience using your organization’s email program.

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    Survey results detailing consumer preferences for brand communications.

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    Why consumers say they choose to subscribe, open, and engage with emails.

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    Daily habits and routines connected to the email inbox.

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    Different expectations for promotional and transactional email communication.

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    Top mailbox providers, device preferences, omnichannel insights, and more.

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Email and the customer experience

Are you meeting consumer expectations in crowded inboxes?

Here are two undeniable facts about brand communication: Consumers prefer email over other channels, but they’re also dealing with more messages from brands than ever before.

Sinch Mailgun’s global survey of 2,000+ consumers found around 75% say they want to hear from brands in their email inboxes. That goes for both promotional and transactional messages. The never-ending challenge for senders is getting people to engage.

While most consumers receive more than 10 emails from brands every day, only a fraction of those messages are ever opened. How can your organization maximize its return on investment (ROI) in email while increasing customer satisfaction? Find out when you download this exclusive report.

We’ll show you the motivating factors behind why people say they sign up to receive your emails, why they choose to open emails from brands, and what ultimately persuades them to act. Plus, discover insights on the impact of inbox placement as well as email’s role in omnichannel marketing when you explore the full report from Sinch Mailgun.

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