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Simplify your email process with a free bulk email service. Start sending marketing emails to your mass list with comprehensive deliverability tools and email automation. We’re here to help you send better emails without the headache.

Choosing a free bulk email service

You have a killer email marketing campaign locked and loaded. Now, how to send it to the 2000 or 2 million email addresses on your contact list? For most marketers, an email service provider (ESP) is the answer to reliably and effectively delivering mass email without the hassle or costs of trying to do it yourself. ESPs often provide email marketing software that helps you manage and deliver your messages.

However, using an email service doesn’t mean you’ll break the bank sending content to your subscribers. Both Mailgun and Mailjet offer comprehensive deliverability features and powerful marketing automation tools to ensure all your emails reach every intended person on your mailing list.

Mailjet, an email marketing platform, has a feature-rich email editor to help you build beautiful and responsive HTML email templates in minutes. Their drag-and-drop editor makes email creation intuitive and easy. Additionally, Mailjet's advanced email marketing features like A/B testing and personalization will help you fine-tune your campaigns. Move fast with Mailjet’s Real-Time Collaboration email builder to create campaigns at the same time as the rest of your team. The Linked Sections enable you to quickly and easily update a large number of email designs simultaneously.

Your bulk emails reach every intended recipient thanks to our unrivaled deliverability, and we make the process of creating your email campaigns intuitive, easy, and super fast.

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What’s the difference between mass emails vs. transactional emails?

Most companies send both transactional and mass emails because they serve distinct functions:

Mass emails are sent according to your marketers’ schedule, either to every email address on your mailing list or to targeted segments. The message itself might be an email newsletter or promotion.

Transactional emails, on the other hand, are triggered by a customer action (say, a password reset or abandoned cart). Whether it’s the customer or the marketer prompting the send, the usefulness of your emailing software hinges on successful email delivery.

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What key bulk email features does Mailgun offer?

Free mass email software isn’t worth much if it can’t reliably land your message in your subscriber list’s inboxes. Plus, support staff are just as important as the actual software. Mailgun has a powerful email software and support team ready to help you implement our services, perfect your emails, and start sending content. So what features separate the best free email senders from the so-so free plans?

At Mailgun, we provide the following services:

  • Deliverability: If you try to push through a bunch of bulk emails at once, your mass email may land in a spam filter or bounce back. We solve this problem with dynamic algorithms adjusting to things like Google’s handling of your emails and your sender reputation. This ensures your email campaigns actually land in your customers’ inboxes. Check out our Inbox Placement service today.

  • Insights: You could send unlimited marketing emails, but if no one opens your emails, what’s the point? We offer real-time analytics and email tracking to review everything from open rates to autoresponders to conversion rates across your entire email list.

  • Email verification: Check yourself before you wreck yourself. That’s right, we provide an industry-leading email verification service to help you maintain your mailing list hygiene, reduce your email bounce rate, and protect your IP reputation.

  • Support: Oh no! You hit a bug. Don’t worry; our 24/7 support team and speedy customer service will solve your email marketing issues – stat.

  • All-in-one email deliverability app: That’s right, we also offer Mailgun Optimize. Our suite of deliverability tools and services meet all your email needs, from email verification to send-time optimization – all in one place! Streamline your workflow and send with confidence.


Send bulk emails for free

Whether you’re a small business, start-up, or enterprise firm, odds are your best bet when it comes to email marketing is to outsource your bulk email service. Try out Mailgun and Mailjet today.

Other features

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Mailgun has a variety of features for companies in need of bulk email services.

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What’s a bulk email campaign?

Sending emails to 2000 people is very different from sending an email to ten friends. Bulk email campaigns involve sending a large volume of emails to individuals or businesses on your mailing list to drive clicks to your landing page.

What are the benefits of bulk email marketing?

Reach your entire audience with bulk email marketing. Introduce new products, announce company milestones, or start a personal conversation with each individual – en masse. Bulk email marketing is a great way to reach a large number of individuals simultaneously.

What’s the best time to send a bulk email?

There’s no single answer to this question. We suggest segmenting your mailing list based on geographic and demographic factors and then optimizing the send times for each segment. At Mailgun, we provide services to help you optimize your send time and all your email needs.

Can I send bulk emails for free?

Yes! Start sending with Mailgun for free today. Upgrade for unlimited emails and advanced features.

How can I send bulk emails without spamming?

Quantity doesn’t equal quality. And, if your emails lack quality, they might get flagged as spam. Use ESPs like Mailgun to help you monitor your email deliverability and make sure you dodge the spam filter and land in the inbox. When sending out your ecommerce emails, ensure you include a clear unsubscribe option for your readers.

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