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Email blast services

Need a way to send email blasts to your list? With Mailjet's email marketing software, you can easily send blasts and newsletters to your mailing list thanks to a great UI and drag-and-drop email editor. If you prefer to send via an API or SMTP relay and still get great results, try Mailgun!

Selecting an email blast service

Do you want to boost the ROI of your email marketing efforts? Crafting pitch-perfect messages packed with great articles, smart promotions, and social media teasers is a start. But even the best email marketing is a flop if it doesn’t actually make it to the inboxes on your email list. Many marketers at small businesses and enterprise companies alike rely on email service providers and email marketing services to get the job done. Do you need an infrastructure that scales with you to send unlimited emails? If you have the technical resources that can handle an API, Mailgun is the right pick. If you prefer a friendly user interface with a wide set of marketing features, choose Mailjet. Both email service providers combine comprehensive deliverability features and powerful solutions to send out your best email campaigns.

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Email blasts vs. transactional emails

Your company likely sends both transactional and marketing messages, and you may even use the same email template editors and subscriber lists. But transactional emails and email blasts are distinct. While transactional emails are triggered by a specific customer action (say, an order confirmation or a password reset), email blasts (such as promos for sign-up forms and email newsletters) are sent on a schedule set by your marketing team. They may go out to your entire mailing list or subscriber list, or they may go out to a specific subset. Either way, powerful email marketing depends on successful email delivery.

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Features behind the best blasts

When it comes to crafting a killer email campaign, you know the best marketing automation practices like the back of your hand. But what about the steps that happen after you send that email newsletter to every email address on your mailing list? That’s where third-party email service providers come into play.

What to look for in an email blast service

Here are a few features that set the best email marketing platforms apart:

  • Reliability: From email validation that helps protect your sender reputation (and the ROI and price tag of each campaign!) to dynamic send algorithms that help more email campaigns make it through Google to the customer’s gmail inbox, Mailgun has email deliverability down pat.

  • Flexibility: You can send unlimited emails, and how you send those emails is up to you, with the right email marketing solution. Mailgun offers a simple user interface and streamlined app integration with a robust set of APIs and developer tools.

  • Insights: The best email marketing is inherently iterative, and you need data to drive your email list engagement higher and higher. That means not only tracking click-through and open rates, but also using dynamic a/b testing and active campaign monitors. Data from the right email service provider can help your marketing team reshape everything from landing pages and email marketing campaigns to who you’re targeting in Salesforce.

  • Support: When an email blast has to go out, your marketing service provider should have your back to solve any issues—whether that customer service happens over live chat, phone support or email.

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Standing out from competitors requires more than a lengthy email list and clever email campaigns. You need an email marketing tool that can help you land in people’s inboxes and stay in constant contact with customers.

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Mailgun has a variety of features for companies that need to send email blasts.

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