How Zapier Uses Mailgun to Send Emails

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We hosted a Google Hangout yesterday featuring Mailgun customer, Zapier. In this hangout, Joe Stych from Zapier, showcased how they use Mailgun to send both their transactional and marketing emails as well as covered some email best practices they abide by. Below is the video and notes with minutes. Enjoy.

(1:05) What is Zapier and how Zapier works with Mailgun, example triggers + actions. Example of a Mailgun trigger with Slack, example of a Mailgun action with Wufoo.

(8:45) How Zapier uses Django Drip Drip to slowly nurture their customers into a fully activated user (Django Drip is an open source drip engine the Zapier engineering team built and is the framework behind their emails)

(16:00) How Zapier handles event based transactional emails like sign ups, blog subscriptions, account upgrades, Zap errors
, task limits and examples of what their welcome emails look like

(19:30) Some of the best practices Zapier abides by like being helpful, being relevant and letting the recipient manage what they receive.

(21:10) Questions:
How does Zapier deal with Server Side SPAM Filters, Client Side SPAM [Junk] Filters and new features like Office 365 Outlook Clutter?

Are your emails within your codebase or are you using the Mailgun template functionality and why or why not?

How has Mailgun allowed you to focus on improving your application, as opposed to the process of sending the emails?

If you use Mailgun through another App (Jobscience, which is an App on Salesforce), does this make it more confusing setting up Zaps?

Modified on: March 13, 2019

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