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Email Soft Bounces – The Mysteries Of Failures

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog in the last few months, you’ve probably noticed us talk about email bounces and email bounce rates a lot. These are negative metrics that senders face every day, so we figured it would be good to give a little insight into them. There are two types of bounces: soft bounces and hard bounces.

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Email Hard Bounces: The Brick Walls Of Failure

We’ve talked a lot about email bounces and email bounce rates as a whole in the past before, but we’ve really only ever dipped our toes into the different types of bounces — hard bounces and soft bounces. Why is that? Well, they’re the smaller components that makeup more complex deliverability issues. A cog in the wheel, a fruit in the basket, a piece of the pie, or whatever other metaphor floats your boat.

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Email Bounces: What To Do About Them

Email bounces (which make up part of your total delivery) occur when an email cannot be delivered to a recipient’s inbox. You will usually receive an auto-reply to your message that gives you a reason for the delivery failure. There are two types of bounces you can run into when sending email — hard bounces and soft bounces.

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Email Bounce Rates: Shifting Focus Away From Failure

Oh, the elusive email bounce rate, the bane of email marketers everywhere. Everyone is eager to crack the code of email bounces and say what the ideal rate should be for any given sender. It’s easy to understand why given that you want your emails to land in the inbox and have great deliverability. More bounces mean fewer emails in the inbox, and that leaves just about any sender diving deep into their analytics to figure out what went wrong.

Mailgun Team
4 min read
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Weekly Product Update: Geolocation In Webhooks, Custom Variable Support And More

There’s a lot going on at Mailgun, so we thought we would start publishing a list of updates each week, with the new features, bug fixes and improvements we’ve made.

Mailgun Team
6 min read
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Building A Data-Driven Approach To Keeping User’s Emails Up-To-Date

This blog was written by Roy Young. Roy a Ruby developer honing his skills at Tealeaf Academy. Ah, the “users” table.

Mailgun Team
8 min read

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