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Finding The Perfect Match Through Email Marketing

Mailgun Team
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In a saturated space like the online dating market, it’s not just about swiping left to find the right match. Making sure your customers receive the right message at the right time is what drives adoption and engagement. That’s why Reflex Media relies on the power of email marketing to help their clients break through the saturation and find success in their marketing programs. A full-service marketing and development agency, Reflex Media has been helping over 16 million customers worldwide grow from obscurity to mainstream by specializing in the creation, incubation, and promotion of start-up businesses. To execute this approach, they rely on transactional and marketing emails based on behavioral triggers and programmed logic flows to create the right customer experience.


Having formerly used leading email marketing platforms like Constant Contact, MailChimp, and Microsoft Exchange, Reflex Media was accustomed to having a GUI interface. But their objective to grow premium membership upgrades as a measure of profitability had them looking for other options they could customize. Reflex Media expected that sending transactional and marketing email at scale would require automated sequences using logic. They needed an ESP that could provide insights into how their emails are sent – and the flexibility to customize.

“Microsoft, while considered a top industry choice, is ex- pensive and limited by the rigid nature of Microsoft’s framework. MailGun is an appropriately priced solution and provides a bridge between GUI dashboard features and the flexibility of their API.” Andrew Benson, Email Marketing Specialist Reflex Media

For the team at Reflex Media, this meant having access to the right combination of features and email know-how to adjust the way they send emails on behalf of their customers. They also needed help to mitigate email throttling they were seeing from Chinese QQ.com email addresses. Having used Mailgun in former roles and projects, the team at Reflex Media knew from experience that they could count on the Mailgun email API to get the job done.


With help from their Technical Account Manager, the team at Reflex Media was able to overcome email throttling by creating a plan to send email using dedicated IPs for each of their clients. They adhered to the email rate limits in place for QQ.com in China, and implemented additional send authentications like DMARC to improve their send scores.

“I like the fact that we have a dedicate TAM. No matter the issue, Mailgun has always been there to field our questions and provide guidance in a very timely fashion. It’s almost like our TAM is another member of the team that works remotely.”

Mailgun walked Reflex Media through every step of the implementation process, which included DNS configuration, provisioning sending domains and preparing new dedicated IPs to send email following best practices. With help from their Technical Account Manager, they now manage domains for multiple brands, and have the ability to integrate with external platforms.


By introducing email rate limits, Reflex Media has improved email delivery rates from 92% to 97.5% since they started working with Mailgun in January 2017. They also experienced a drastic increase of 1800% in unique open rates for site notifications.

“Because MailGun allows us to get very granular, we were able to craft new exclusions and send criteria, enabling us to improve our send reputation and raise our overall Delivery Rate to 97%.”

Last updated on September 23, 2019

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