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TextMagic Improves Deliverability Rate With Mailgun

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Email is one of the leading forms of online communication for businesses, whether internally with employees or externally with users. Other channels are becoming more popular due to their effectiveness for engagement like SMS. TextMagic, a bulk SMS service, has seen over a 30% increase in text messages in a single month compared to last year.

TextMagic, also a Mailgun customer, allows you to send notifications, alerts, reminders, confirmations and SMS marketing campaign messages to your customers, staff members and suppliers. On average, TextMagic customers are sending over 2.5M text messages around the world each month.

In-House to Mailgun

Before using Mailgun, TextMagic was using an in-house mail server for their email sending. As the volume of their email sending increased, they began to run into efficiency issues. TextMagic didn’t have the time or resources to continue to maintain email servers in-house and they couldn’t afford for their users not to receive their emails.

TextMagic has been using Mailgun for both their transactional and marketing emails. They also use, Sendwithus, a Mailgun customer, to send some of their emails as integration was easy. Brit Tammeorg, Digital Marketing Manager at TextMagic, goes on to say,

“We like that we do not have to think about whether or not our customers receive our emails. Thanks to the high delivery rate Mailgun provides, we know that our business communications are taken care of. One of the best benefits of Mailgun is that we could easily integrate it with our own system!”


Improved Delivery Rate

With Mailgun, TextMagic has been able to send over 200,000 emails each month with a 93.77% delivery rate. The most important features that TextMagic takes advantage of is the ease of integration, fast delivery times and high delivery rate.

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Last updated on August 28, 2020

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