How Does Mailgun Stack Up Against SparkPost Alternatives?

When you’re in the market for transactional email or email marketing services to bolster your marketing campaigns, you’ll come across a number of SparkPost alternatives such as Mandrill, SendGrid, Amazon SES, Mailjet, and, of course, Mailgun. But what you’ll soon learn is that when it comes to comparing email delivery services, Mailgun offers key advantages over SparkPost and other email service providers.

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Robust Email Validation

One feature that sets Mailgun apart from SparkPost, along with SparkPost alternatives like Amazon SES, Mandrill, and MailChimp, is that Mailgun is the only one providing email validations. Thanks to Mailgun’s real-time validation API, you won’t waste time and money sending emails to nonexistent email addresses. With Mailgun, you can integrate validation into your web forms to catch user-entry errors, and you can decrease your bounce rate by eliminating disposable and temporary emails. Furthermore, you can take advantage of Mailgun’s open source library if you want to set up your own validation service.

Whether you’re sending transactional emails or marketing emails, email validation makes Mailgun the best alternative to SparkPost or any other email service provider. Plus, Mailgun offers a free plan, with the first 100 validations and first 10,000 emails every month provided at no charge. Leadersend is one of the SparkPost alternatives that doesn’t have a free plan. Meanwhile, Mandrill is a paid add-on to MailChimp’s monthly plan; Mandrill is a transactional email service, whereas MailChimp is mostly a bulk email service. This makes Mailgun a tremendous Mandrill alternative.

Email Validation

Outstanding Tech Support

One of the most important aspects of any email delivery service is tech support. But SparkPost and SparkPost alternatives are not created equal in this regard. At SparkPost, you get the same level of tech support no matter which tier of service you have. The same is true at SendGrid. Mandrill has barebones tech support available by email and phone. At Mailgun, every account comes with around-the-clock support through tickets. We also offer chat and phone support through our Scale and Custom plans. Our managed email service includes a dedicated technical account manager (which you won’t find with Amazon SES or Elastic Email) who is proactive about detecting problems before you’re even aware of them. Mailgun’s top-notch support team is ready to answer any question and tackle any issue that you have.

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Email Logs

Generous Log Retention

Log retention varies among SparkPost and SparkPost alternatives. SparkPost, for instance, provides log retention for only 14 days, while SendGrid’s log retention stores only the last 500 events. Amazon SES holds no logs at all. By contrast, Mailgun offers the longest log retention in the email service industry – up to 30 days. That wide-open window of time gives you a greater ability to troubleshoot problems when you send emails.

Powerful Parsing

Compared with SparkPost and SparkPost alternatives like Amazon SES, Mandrill, Mailjet, and SendGrid, Mailgun delivers the mightiest email parsing in the business. Amazon SES, for example, has very limited parsing routes. With Mailgun, you can manage millions of inbound emails with just a few rules. By marrying Mailgun’s advanced email parsing with temporary storage for up to three days, you can retrieve all of your incoming email at your convenience. And you don’t have to worry about missed webhooks when your server is down; we’ve got you covered there.

Powerful Parsing

Take Mailgun for A Spin

From email validation to parsing, Mailgun is a simple email service to use, yet it provides so many benefits that SparkPost and SparkPost alternatives like Mandrill, MailChimp, Elastic Email, and Leadersend don’t. With Mailgun, email campaigns are almost effortless. And if you do encounter any issues, Mailgun’s support team is well-equipped to help you quickly resolve them. Why not see for yourself why Mailgun is a leader among SparkPost alternatives? Try us for free today!

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