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Email list management

Make email list management less painstaking. Increase the ROI of your marketing and transactional emails with a clean list of email addresses.

Does your email list need a little TLC?

Marketers love to debate send time, subject lines, personalized emails, and email content when it comes to CRM. But if you don’t have a robust email list full of subscribers excited to hear from you, you’ll never see critical metrics increase. Increase the ROI of your marketing and transactional emails with a clean list of email addresses.

Never worry about email deliverability

With Mailgun’s automation, emails only go where they’re not supposed to go. For instance, our suppression list blocks emails from going to someone who has unsubscribed from your email list, provided an invalid email, or anyone who has flagged one of your emails to the spam folder. You’ll also be alerted to bounce rate for hard bounces and soft bounces, so you can remove or pause sending to those email addresses.

This isn’t just about staying compliant with anti-spam laws – you want to do right by your email subscribers. They’ve invited you to their personal inbox and it’s up to you to deliver personalized, relevant content that they care about.

You can also use Mailgun’s logs, stored for up to 30 days, to gather insights into exactly what happened with each email address on your contact list.

Boost tour ROI with email list management

An email list, especially one that’s managed well, can be a highly valuable asset. Email continues to be one of the preferred communications channels, alongside a brand’s website and its social media channels. And it's still the channel that will give you the highest ROI for your digital marketing efforts. (Need to calculate your Email ROI? Use Mailgun's Email Marketing ROI Calculator.)

Nearly 20% of Americans get more than 50 emails a day, which means the competition in the inbox is fierce. But there’s good news: people want to hear from brands, especially when it comes to discounts and other promotions. In fact, 78.5% of people want to hear from their favorite ecommerce brands at least once a week, while more than half would like even more frequent interactions.

To achieve that high ROI with your email campaigns, it’s critical to stay on top of list management. 51.7% will unsubscribe from or mark as spam unsolicited emails, so brands need to be cautious of their email sending practices to maintain a healthy list of subscribers. Among the top reasons for unsubscribing are unrecognizable sender names and irrelevant content.

Email list management is what makes the difference between a blah email list and a subscriber list full of untapped potential.

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Only send to real humans with email address validation

Overall, Mailgun’s email validations API provides comprehensive email verification and a three-step validation check for each email address on your list. Contact management has never been easier...and it starts before subscribers opt-in on a pop-up, sign up on a landing page signup form, or double opt-in via email.

Easily identify valid emails, role-based addresses, typos, and more for better list hygiene. Our validation tool goes beyond simple grammar rules – we check directly with the mailbox for verification for accurate results you can rely on.

  • MX records verification

  • Mail server verification to ensure every email address is valid

  • Role-based email address verification, like customer support inboxes

  • Disposable email address verification, so every email address is deliverable

  • RFC grammar rule check that meets criteria for every email service provider

  • Suggestions on suspected typos for invalid email addresses

All of these functionalities occur in real-time thanks to Mailgun’s real-time validation API.

With email verification, you won’t waste time and money on email addresses that don’t exist. Keep your sender reputation strong without worrying over the technical details.

Send more targeted email campaigns with list segmentation

Simply put, list segmentation improves open rates and click-through rates for email marketing campaigns. 43.6% of users said segmenting messages so that email content is personalized to their interests is a “very important” factor in determining whether to open it, more than discounts (38.4%) and time-sensitive offers (32.9%).

Mailgun gives you the ability to divide your email list into smaller sections in order to send highly targeted emails — the right messages for the right audiences. For instance, segmentation can be based on company size, demographics, content downloads, and many other factors. The options for automated campaigns are endless:

  • Welcome emails

  • Webinar or event invites

  • Email newsletters

  • A re-engagement campaign for unengaged subscribers

  • Discount or promotional emails

  • Abandoned cart emails

(Need help getting started? Our selection of free email templates can help.)

By default, each Mailgun sending domain can have up to 5,000 active tags, with more tags available upon request. This lets you track each message type and version you send via Mailgun. Every email can be tied to as many as three tags, offering numerous levels of segmentation for your email list.

Tags also make it simple to do A/B testing on your marketing emails so that you can pick the best font sizes, colors, call-to-action messages, and other elements of your email marketing campaign.

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Further improving with the help of an expert

Mailgun Optimize's Deliverability Services pair you with a dedicated account manager who can help navigate the challenges of email list management and the best email marketing tools to meet them. Our account managers use sophisticated tools to detect potential problems before they affect deliverability of your email campaigns. With Mailgun’s managed service, you also get:

  • Technical API support from our engineers

  • IP and domain reputation management

  • Proactive monitoring of your email program

  • Expert guidance on your delivery challenges and regular, one-on-one consultations

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