Email Logs to Easily Diagnose Delivery Issues

When your email fails to deliver, you deserve to know why. Mailgun provides up to 30 days of log retention with all the details of what happened to each message you sent.

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An Important Tool for Better Email Delivery

Email messages that get lost in limbo or have some sort of deliverability issue should not be ignored. Email log files can provide important insights into message delivery, error messages, and the effectiveness of your mass email program overall. They are an incredibly effective tool for improving your deliverability and protecting your sender reputation.

With Mailgun’s email application, every step of the email message journey is logged and indexed. This means you can check delivery status and identify problems with all of the email addresses on your list. Logs are retained for up to 30 days so you can troubleshoot emails sent, review weekly trends, and figure out how to make improvements. Having this knowledge base will help ensure that your email program remains robust as you scale.

Why Logs Matter

Here are some other reasons that email administrators should take the time to view email logs:

Detect Irregularities

Mailgun’s Managed Services makes it easy to zero in on potential issues by running checks for you. But you can also take a proactive approach by using email logs to review email messages from specific date ranges and time ranges. Then, ask yourself: Are messages bouncing due to incorrect domains or stale addresses? Are there issues with your email templates? Are error codes popping up? If you view email logs regularly, you can more effectively use your email application to solve the problems.

Protect Your Sender Reputation

You don’t want to be known as a company that sends spam or gets blocked by Google. Protecting your IP address and domain starts with staying in tune with your email logs. Regularly searching logs for delivery failures is a great way to monitor your account for performance issues. This will keep your list clean for your next send so you don’t end up hurting your reputation or, worse, getting blacklisted.

Quickly Search Emails Sent

If you need to locate something specific, it can be hard to sift through hundreds of search results if you don’t have a good email log from your service provider. Mailgun’s cloud email application makes it easy to search across your email account by filtering numerous messages via a large number of possible values including: the to and from email addresses; event type; list name; tag name; message ID; subject line; and more.

Get Delivery Logs Today

Reviewing your email logs can help you learn how your emails are being received. And, with Mailgun, even in the event that your email application crashes, you can recover 30 days of events in the control panel.

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