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Measure campaign success with insightful email analytics

Dig into every detail of your message delivery and gather insightful data on your email program with Mailgun’s Email Analytics.

Visualize campaign performance

Email campaign insights shouldn’t be buried under a mountain of meaningless metrics. Rigid analytics views and features leave you in the dark on the nuances of your email campaign and with a limited perspective on your success as a sender.

With a flexible statistics view for your entire email traffic, you’re able to view your email program based on opens, clicks, or other engagement metrics. Whether you want to see the overall performance of your transactional emails or dive deep into the details of a limited email marketing campaign, you’ll never be limited to a preset view of your sending.

Illustration of the statistics and delivery rate of an email campaign.
Illustration showing the statistics for email logs and analytics.

Segment data your way

Mailgun’s email analytics tools provide unparalleled access to data insights with message tags. Track your top-performing email content, benchmark general program performance, explore individual and segmented user data to evaluate behavior patterns, and stay on top of A/B test performance. With our email analytics data at your fingertips, you’ll have the tools for clear reporting to surface expert insights.

Reporting at your convenience

With the ability to drill down into a variety of segments and data points, you’ll be able to see your email program from every angle to spot strengths and weaknesses in your email sending habits. Easily find the right email metrics and pull together reports or send your data to your desired CRM via webhooks. Whether you like to analyze the data with one particular team or share it across your company, we’re equipped to make it happen.

Illustration of an icon representing integration.
Illustration of email logs for an email campaign.

Understand the email life cycle

Pair your email analytics with robust log retention on all of your messages to gain an understanding of what is impacting your email performance and deliverability. Understanding what happens to your email messages when error codes occur is pivotal to the functionality of every email program. When used together, Logs and Email Analytics give you a complete view of an email from start to finish; no more data gaps, no more guesswork.

Send emails to the inbox

While insight into your engagement rates allows you to dive deeper into your email program, improving them goes beyond simple email setup. With Mailgun Email API, companies are empowered to send their emails straight to the inbox through various email authentication protocols. Protect your sender reputation by sending with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC protocols and keep bad actors from impersonating your brand.

The more you authenticate, the better chance you have at improving your delivery rate. If you need more guidance on how to improve your email program or need Enterprise-level services and support, our Deliverability Suite can help.

Illustration showing API code for email sending.

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"For us, at the volume we're sending – every fraction of a percentage means a potential customer, and as a community of designers, it's our job to create meaningful touchpoints. High deliverability ensures that our messages and our reach are seen; any improvement in our email program has a huge effect on our business."

Michael Sacca

Michael Sacca

Vice President of Product at Dribbble

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