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Before you can send out that email campaign, you need a responsive email template. Try Mailgun’s email templates feature to quickly create HTML emails directly in Mailgun’s UI and API.

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Styling HTML and creating business email templates is not something most developers love to do. You have to code like it’s 1999 and worry about email client display issues and mobile responsiveness. Drag and drop editors or template builders can be a great head start to creating these brand assets, but some people prefer to render their own HTML as they design to give them more control over the final product. If you’d rather get your hands into the HTML while still getting the nice visuals, Mailgun’s templates feature can help you out.

Once you’ve developed email newsletter templates, transactional emails, or other types of marketing emails, you want an email service provider with the tools to increase email performance and make your life easier.


Responsive Emails That Look Great on Any Device

Whether you’re part of a large or small business, chances are your emails are opened on all kinds of devices. That’s why making sure you use a responsive template for your email design is so important. It needs to not only be readable on mobile devices but also render correctly in different email clients such as Gmail (Google), Yahoo, and others.

Managing Bounces Gnome

Batch Sending and Personalization

Your email campaigns or transactional emails may go out to thousands of people at a time. By personalizing emails with fields like the first name, order value, and other common fields, you can easily create unique emails that will connect personally with each user by each individual email address.

Direct, One-to-One Expert Support

Free templates and creative email ideas can help expedite the creation of your next email campaign, but sometimes having direct one-to-one conversations with an expert through managed services can be really valuable.

With Mailgun’s Managed Service, customers are paired with a dedicated technical account manager who’s ready to strategize with you on anything from email development, custom template brainstorming, optimizing email lists, or provide a design tutorial for your next email campaign.


Build Emails That Drive Results

Use email services that provide a complete suite of tools to improve your email marketing. Email marketing templates can take some of the pain out of building high performing email campaigns. Services from MailChimp, ConstantContact, Zurb, and others often leave email designers wishing they had more tools as part of their marketing automation solution. But by pairing the use of free email templates with industry leading products, services, and campaign monitor solutions from Mailgun, you’re sure to build emails that drive better results.

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