Responsive email testing

A responsive email design is critical for the best email performance. Make sure your email behaves well on mobile devices with responsive email testing before you send.

Email testing ensures quality control

Nowadays, your subscribers choose to access their email messages in many different ways – using mobile devices and laptop computers via many different email services like Gmail or Yahoo and even through different web browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer. All of these choices are great, but they can introduce challenges into your email strategy. Some email may not be deliverable or it may end up in spam filters. Also, different email clients may display an email render that is not what you intended. To prevent these mishaps, responsive email testing must be employed. Testing is the only way to make sure your email campaigns are reaching their target and delivering the intended message.

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An essential part of the delivery process

Test emails truly are a necessary part of email marketing campaign process. You wouldn’t send marketing collateral to print before reviewing its contents and format, and the same practice applies to email management. Email renders differently on different machines and with different email clients, which can wreak havoc with your messages. Even if you are using an email template, problems can arise.

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When it comes to testing, you have options

Your subscribers have choices, and so do you. There are many ways to test and ensure that your email is the best email. Here are four of the most common testing methods:

  • Send email through your email service provider: Sending a test email to your own webmail service provider can help you see email as an actual subscriber would.

  • Send through a designated testing service: This method allows you to test quickly without building send lists and logging onto an email service provider, but you won’t be able to see issues with code readily.

  • Use a build process: In this method, developers use a task runner tool to separate out email components, build, and test efficiently.

  • Use real devices: Creating a “device lab” with various hardware and platforms is a straightforward way to test all possible modes of email access.

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