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Whether you’re sending out email marketing campaigns or triggered transactional emails, the majority of communication that you have with your customers is via email. That’s why it’s so important to build email templates that not only enhance your brand but also work across all major email clients.

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Make the Design Process Easy

Imagine that for every email use case you have, your team’s developers had to start coding from scratch to create beautiful HTML email designs. That’s a huge waste of time when they could be working on other strategic projects to build your business. One solution is to use email templates to your advantage.

Email templates are HTML files that are reusable for any situation including monthly emails, newsletters, and receipts. With a simple drag and drop email builder or some basic coding skills, you have the ability to change up your email marketing campaigns with ease. A custom template allows you to create great-looking emails that are customized for the occasion by using an email editor to add images, copy, and other media to your messages.


Stay On Time and On Brand

Using an email template builder helps you streamlines the process of sending out regular emails to your clients. You can develop a consistent template style for your mobile responsive emails that becomes recognizable to customers and helps build your brand’s digital presence.

Having an email designer rewrite code for every new email campaign can be time-consuming and leave you with small mistakes, like variations in text size or color palette. With an intuitive drag and drop interface, you can adjust the copy and images as needed without breaking the HTML or messing with the CSS.


A Valuable Part of Your Strategic Email Marketing Plan

Fortunately, there are many email template builder tools and free templates available online, which can get your company one step closer to marketing automation. Today’s responsive email templates are built from HTML code that supports style customization, so you can get beautiful emails out to the email addresses on your list in no time. Add a source email template to your email service provider platform and make changes as needed without redundancy in your workflow.

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Now that you’ve developed your email content and form (or grabbed one of our open source, free email templates), let Mailgun work for you. Our transactional email and email marketing service allows you to send emails effortlessly. Integrate email into your app in minutes with our API and learn why we are the developer’s choice for email delivery and support.

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