Easily process inbound emails

The most powerful email parsing engine available

Each email that Mailgun posts to your app comes fully parsed and transcoded to UTF-8. It doesn’t get any easier.


“Mailgun email parsing is worth its weight in gold”

Jonathan Novak — Jonathan Novak - Head of Engineering, Uservoice

Powerfully smart rules engine lets you manage millions of incoming emails with just a few rules

Forward support tickets to your customer service team, post replies from your users to your app, and get rid of spam entirely.

Control panel routes

We turn your email into structured data, ready for you to grab

Email data is messy. By combining Mailgun's advanced email parsing with temporary storage for up to 3 days, you can retrieve all your apps incoming email when it is convenient for you.

No more bombarding your server with large attachments. Don't worry about missed webhooks if your server is down.

Automatically strip out signatures and quoted replies

Our advanced algorithms can detect and remove signature blocks and quoted replies from your emails.

We provide you the stripped text & HTML part in the JSON payload, so if that’s all you need, that’s all you have to do.

Other great features of Mailgun inbound processing

  • Optionally receive raw MIME message
  • All messages encoded to UTF-8 automatically
  • Free spam filtering
  • Easy testing of webhook endpoints
  • Text-part generation from HTML-only emails
  • Matching on all email headers (e.g. subject, from:, cc:) and recipients
  • Ability to chain together multiple filters to provide sophisticated expressions

Your app with email in minutes

Our API makes integrating real email quick & easy.

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