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Email Deliverability Experts to Get your Message Out

Every successful email marketing program is only as good as its email delivery team. After all, if you develop a poor sender reputation by sending unwanted messages to an email list you bought, you can’t expect that your email performance will be strong. Along those lines, there could be other technical factors preventing your email campaigns from getting better inbox placement.

To help facilitate email delivery, many email senders turn to partners like Mailgun that have the real-time infrastructure and expert services to optimize your delivery rates and protect your sender reputation. These email deliverability experts help you stay out of recipients’ spam folders and land in their inbox.

Email Deliverability Experts

Deliverability Best Practices

Email deliverability experts can advise you on best practices and adapt your email strategy for your specific use case. Here are a few of the deliverability best practices that they use:

Email Validation

Email Validation

If you’re wondering why you keep getting hard bounces with certain email addresses or why your messages keep getting stuck in spam traps, email deliverability specialists can advise you on how to put email validation in place. For instance, Mailgun uses an email verification tool to confirm that email addresses actually exist with the mailbox provider before you hit send. It also works to identify high-risk recipients based on email domains. And, it has a real-time API that catches user-entry typos during signup so you’re left with a list of valid email addresses.

Email List Management

Email experts can also give you guidance as to how to maintain the integrity of your email list as it grows. Mailgun ensures that hard bounces and users who unsubscribe or mark your messages as spam are removed from your email list. In addition, your email deliverability experts should provide continuous monitoring of your IPs and domains to help keep you off of email blacklists. By keeping tabs on your email list, you’ll be able to reach more customers, making your email campaigns more successful.

Email List Management
Customized Email Program

A Customized Email Program

Every company’s email marketing program is unique, which is why email deliverability experts should be able to provide one-on-one services to serve your specific needs and improve your sender score. Mailgun offers a managed deliverability service that comes with a dedicated technical account manager and 24/7 proactive customer support. They can help you with everything from building a strong IP reputation to adding DMARC to crafting subject lines that won’t trigger spam filters. Furthermore, Mailgun’s consultants have specialized tools to identify potential email deliverability issues before they arise.

Get Your Own Email Deliverability Consultant

As you work to perfect your email marketing strategy, remember that email delivery goes hand-in-hand. Email deliverability experts like Mailgun can make sure that your content, email list, and sending practices are optimized for success.

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