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Your domain reputation goes hand in hand with your email delivery. Whether you have one domain for your email campaigns or a thousand, regularly checking your sender score and domain health is key.

Your domain reputation matters

A poor domain reputation or IP reputation score can hurt your email marketing performance. Much like a credit score, when your domain reputation score is low, the consequences are harsh. Your emails end up in the spam folder more often, and that translates to fewer conversions. Email senders need to keep tabs on their email reputation, especially if they’re sending large amounts of mail. But how does it work?

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How domain reputation works

How Domain Reputation Works Your domain reputation is affected by factors like web domain age, your domain category or industry (e.g. entertainment, lifestyle, e-commerce, etc.), and links and connections to other domains and websites. It’s used by mailbox providers like Gmail to determine whether or not your message should be delivered.

  1. When you use an email server or email service provider, you add DNS records for your domain so every email you send comes from your email address.

  2. The recipient’s internet service provider, email program, or email client check your sender reputation before accepting delivery.

  3. Your domain’s reputation influences whether your emails land in spam folders or inboxes.

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Key factors for email deliverability

Your domain reputation is just one part of the equation. When it comes to email delivery, other factors also come into play:

  • Email content

  • Web reputation scores by third-party services

  • IP reputations

  • Percentage of malicious code, threat activity, or spyware-containing emails reported from your domain name

  • Spam complaints (any amount is enough to damage your reputation, so be very vigilant and considerate of your reader’s time!)

How to check your domain reputation in real time

If you plan to check your domain reputation manually, expect to devote many hours a week to checking various reports and taking action where you need to. Cisco’s Talos Intelligence, for example, offers reputation scores for IP addresses that you enter manually. But you could find yourself running a dozen reports a week to get an accurate look at your email performance and reputation scores.

These are a lot of KPIs to handle. It’s possible to manually track your reputation score, but it’s hard.

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Proactively monitor your reputation

With Mailgun’s Managed Services, your dedicated technical account manager will do the hard part for you and help you manage your mail server. When it comes to email reputation checks, the outcome is too crucial to rely on anything other than an expert. After all, your domain and IP reputation score plays a big role in determining your deliverability.

Partner with Mailgun’s Managed Service to support your email growth goals, keep tabs on your domain reputation, and reduce the risk of spam complaints. Get access to a real-time database full of actionable information about your email marketing performance. Our scalable plans grow with your business needs, so we’ll be there the entire way.


Explore beyond domain reputation

Mailgun has a variety of features for companies considering domain reputation management.

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