Mailgun's Partners & Integrations

Connect your Mailgun account with powerful apps, platforms, and services to maximize your email capabilities and expand your reach.

Email Marketing API Integrations

Looking for an email marketing tool or template builder? Take the code and technical know-how out of sending marketing emails. With these partners, you can easily create drag-and-drop templates on the fly, plan targeted campaigns, and curate your email list.

Transactional Email API Integrations

Empower your non-technical users to create customized experiences with an easy-to-use editor. We partnered with the best in the business so you can streamline the email creation process with tools built for transactional email workflows.

Platform Partners

Add email to your app even more easily. We’ve partnered with the platforms you’re already using for cloud hosting and app development, so you can take full advantage of Mailgun’s email delivery service.

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We’re always on the lookout for new partners that enable developers to innovate faster or help marketers send and track email with ease.
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  • Expand your reach… and your business. Unlock the benefits of the Mailgun Partner Program, including expert training, co-marketing and co-selling, premium reseller support, and feedback on our product roadmap.
  • Grow your revenue by whitelabeling value-add products like Mailgun’s validation service, and make your developers happy. Mailgun’s flexible APIs are easy to integrate, so developers can quickly go back to building new products and features.
  • Give your platform the advantage of better deliverability and reliable email infrastructure so your customers can reach their customers at scale. Our Program gives you the full power of Mailgun’s infrastructure and deliverability services, enabling even greater success.

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