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On a blocklist? Mailgun can help

Get proactive monitoring of your email campaigns with Mailgun's Managed Service. Stay ahead of future blocklisting and never have to worry about manually checking blocklists ever again.

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Proactive email reputation management

Sending millions of emails a month requires an extra level of diligence to maintain a positive sending reputation. A single misstep can send a big part of your email to spam.

Our proactive approach can help you avoid these costly mistakes without the need for expensive certifications. We'll have an expert monitoring your email deliverability around the clock. If we notice anything wrong, we'll let you know ASAP.

We have automated systems in place to check if your sending domain gets on a blocklist. Plus you'll have dedicated access to our deliverability experts who can help get your emails where they belong, the inbox.

Customized delivery plan

If 100% deliverability is your goal, we need to talk. Great deliverability is about sending the right emails, to the right people, the right way.

The first thing we’ll do when you sign up is conduct a unique and customized discovery session with your team. We’ll then provide you with a detailed delivery plan based on the unique aspects of your business.

We send 10+ billion emails every month so we know a thing or two about best practices and how to best reach your users.

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Avoid blocklists

Email blocklists were created specifically to catch spammers. If you're not careful about following best practices then you can end up on a blocklist too, which will destroy your email deliverability. When was the last time you checked if your domain was on a blocklist?

We'll run your domains through a comprehensive blocklist check. If we find any bad news, we'll talk you through all the details and how you can fix it ASAP. Our goal is to help find any issues with your sending domains and get your deliverability back on track.


Other great features of Managed Email support

Deliverability and recipient engagement management

Optimize for higher opens and clicks in collaboration with an email expert assigned to your account.

Managed IP warmup

Ensure the health of your IPs by customizing your warm up plan to your specific needs.

Sending infrastructure consulting

Enjoy a constant feedback loop between your TAM, Mailgun developers, and your team with infrastructure consulting.

Custom reverse DNS on all your IPs

Achieve the ideal domain and IP setup that will set you up for a stronger sending reputation.

IP allocation management

Send with confidence knowing you have the right mix of dedicated and shared IPs for your email volume and use case.

Proactive monitoring of your email program

Get the peace of mind that comes with having a dedicated expert monitoring your email sending for any hiccups.

Email tracking and testing consulting

Get expert advice on what your open rate, click rate, and other metrics really mean so you can optimize your performance.

High-quality dedicated IP subnets

Take care of even the largest email sends effortlessly with IP subnets that can handle burst sending.

Expert services

Who's monitoring your email reputation?

Do you know who is daily monitoring your IPs and email sending reputation? Get an expert on your side with Mailgun's Deliverability Services. Don’t wait until you learn the hard way, you need to have someone daily looking out for your email deliverability reputation.

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