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Parse and simplify incoming email with inbound routes

Cut through the noise and clutter of inbound email with a solution that fits your use case with Mailgun’s Inbound Routes – our proprietary email parsing software.

Optimize incoming email

Two-way communication is essential to the success of any business operating today. Sending email is sophisticated enough on its own, but incoming email brings its own unique slew of problems. Email threads, increasingly complex MIME messages, and unnecessary data make it difficult to pull out what's important to your business. This can lead to poor customer service, unintentionally dropped messages or wasted time for your company.

For the communication-conscious business, these complex incoming messages are simplified and parsed into all of the data you need with Inbound Routes.

Illustration of email routing software.
Email Routes turning into simple data

Parse out unnecessary data

Getting rid of all of the clutter is the first step towards a streamlined incoming email solution. Inbound Routes allow senders to clean up complicated email threads by fully parsing your inbound messages and converting them to UTF-8 JSON for easy reading. Through parsing, you’re able to extract data that is important to your business, rather than collecting email signatures and repeated content in an email thread.

Automate incoming email traffic

Meaningful communication can get lost in the noise of spam messages and auto-replies. Controlling your incoming emails goes beyond making them easy to read. Inbound Routes uses automation to simplify cutting through the static and allows you to funnel messages in a way that best suits your business use case.

Whether it's grouping all auto-replies to the same URL endpoint to be measured in your CRM or forwarding messages that match a specific rule to another email address, Inbound Routes will get your messages to their next destination with ease.

Illustration of inbound routing.
Illustration showing the API organization.

How an email parser software works

Rule-based email parsers use regular expressions to understand the contents of email data. By scanning the email headers, email body, and email attachments, an email parser can use parsing rules to identify key parts of the message and extract data. Email parsers ignore quoted messages and other irrelevant message content and select only the important data.

From there, what happens to that extracted data largely depends on the Route endpoint you have specified for those messages.

Email API integration made easy

Mailgun Email API makes integrating email into your existing applications incredibly easy with our RESTFUL API, SMTP relays, and comprehensive documentation. Whether you need to send one thousand or 10 million emails in minutes, Mailgun Email API’s infrastructure scales with you and boasts 99.99% server uptime – so you’re never caught in a bind when you need it most.

Looking for a place to get started? Mailgun Email API’s Documentation covers popular programming languages like Python, Ruby, Java, C# to make implementation as painless as possible.

Illustration showing API code for email sending.

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