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Embracing growth: The Omnisend story

When you’re growing your business at a rapid pace, there are obstacles you expect and those you don’t. Take email marketing; for example...

When you’re growing your business at a rapid pace, there are obstacles you expect and those you don’t. Take email marketing; for example, you want the methods and solutions that you pick for your marketing stack to scale with you, rather than slow you down. Omnisend aims to make scaling the most comfortable choice you could make for you and your business.

Omnisend’s omnichannel marketing platform allows ecommerce businesses across the globe easy and intelligent communications management. While other providers only provide one or two channels for customer communication, Omnisend houses all digital communications on one platform. By bringing multiple channels under one roof, businesses can focus more on their brand messaging, sales strategies, and overall growth. Omnisend has made a point to remember that growth is what brought them and countless other businesses where they are today. They’ve been where many growing companies are today, and through that learned experience, understand how important it is to move quickly and effectively across all channels. For Omnisend, ramping up customers needs to be as painless and seamless as possible.

An avoidable slow down

Back in the early years of Omnisend, they relied on Amazon SES to send all of their customers’ emails. Unfortunately, Amazon SES inhibited much of Omnisend’s growth due to sluggish and confusing processes. The problems began immediately at onboarding. Adding a new customer involved Omnisend making an API call for each sending domain. If one customer had several sending domains, it made for a slow onboarding experience on the customer side.

Once the sending domain was added, Amazon SES would send a confirmation to the sender, requiring Omnisend’s clients to click a link to get started. This email was highly technical, and most customers didn’t know that Omnisend used Amazon SES to send email. Because of that, most customers ignored the email sent by SES. Ignoring that email slowed down the overall process of onboarding customers, which slowed down growth and caused unnecessary pain.

Finding the right partner

Omnisend needed to find a new solution that provided a seamless enduser experience. They needed to be more than just another end-user of an email platform; they needed a partner. In finding a partner, Omnisend would have a direct line of communication with their service provider should anything need to be done on behalf of their customers.

More importantly, their next partner would be able to automate and cut out some of the unnecessary steps that were causing slowdowns in Omnisend’s onboarding experience. Amazon SES wasn’t flexible in changing their confirmation emails at the time, so it was imperative to Omnisend that their next solution allowed for that removal. In finding Mailgun, Omnisend was able to solve this problem as well as set themselves up for better sending success through our Deliverability Service.

Mailgun’s Deliverability Services gave Omnisend that direct line of communication they were looking for in their next provider. Mailgun and Omnisend’s collaborative efforts went past cutting out the unnecessary verification email. By working with their Technical Account Manager, Omnisend was able to set up enough dedicated IPs to support their cur-rent and future sending. When asked about their experience their VP of Customer Operations, Paulius Milisauskas, said that moving forward with Deliverability Services was the best choice they could have made:

“At first, it was pretty scary because we were not sure if the number of dedicated IPs that we had at that time will be enough to handle all the upcoming load. But our dedicated Technical Account Manager supported our ideas and believed that everything would be fine – she was right.”


Continuous growth

Since partnering with Mailgun, Omnisend’s customers enjoy a seamless email experience to coincide with their omnichannel business initiatives. Even as they grow, Omnisend and its customers continue to see a delivery rate of 99%. Omnisend has been able to support a growth rate of 2.4X in 2018 alone. Omnisend chose to embrace the discomfort of growth and saw it payback exponentially for their business and customers.

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“We’re able to ensure a better service for our marketers by using Mailgun. They count on us, and we count on Mailgun: and this relationship helps us maintain credibility with our customers.”

Paulius Milisauskas

Paulius Milisauskas

VP of Customer Operations

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